A3S Enviro: Handling Entire Turnkey Projects with Commitment & Innovative Solutions

Amit Kaushik,Managing Director

Amit Kaushik

Managing Director

The EPC segment in the past decade has undergone rapid transformation in India. It has evolved into one of the fastest emerging markets due to timely government intervention with robust schemes and effective development models such as Public-private partnerships (PPP) and BOT, BOOT, DOT, DBOT systems, to name a few. In the upcoming future, almost all critical industrial sectors, including Solar Power and the Energy segment, will generate a massive surge in demand for integrated EPC solutions.

Water, particularly being an indispensable industrial raw material, needs to be treated, and therein lies a vast opportunity in the water and wastewater management industry. Focused on the EPCM model, A3S Enviro, in addition to Engineering, Procurement and Construction, offers a complete Management of turnkey projects right from concept to commissioning.

From Systems Engineering and Detailed Cost-estimation to the Quality Management process, the team of engineers and supervisors at A3S Enviro handholds the clients in every aspect of the turnkey projects with solutions built according to the customer's specific need. A3S, as the name
suggests, is focused on providing innovative technological solutions for all three segments of the environment, namely Water, Air, and Energy.

Established in the year 2015 by Amit Kaushik, the Founder & Director, A3S Enviro, has single handedly driven the monumental growth of his company, and today, the company has spread across India. A3S Enviro operates over ten states in India with Channel Partners, with plans to have a presence across all the regions of the nation. At the moment, the company is undertaking some key turnkey projects for some of the top brands operating in the Indian market, which includes the likes of govt./PSu's, Big giants of Private Sector.

Bringing Forth an Innovative Line of Wastewater & Sewage Treatment Solutions
Known for coming up with 'out of the box' technological solutions that address the customer needs that too at a cost-effective price, the manufactured plants of A3S Enviro is a fully automated unit based on IoT. On-boarded with a veteran technical team having at least ten years of prior expertise, the R&D department has developed some ingenious solutions in recent times. Initially beginning the business with Water Treatment chemicals, A3S Enviro now produces 7 types of chemicals for the RO segment.

Believes in Environment & Water Management. Every Drop of Water is countable. We Provide a Cutting Edge Technology Solution to Market with innovative Solutions to Protect Environment Resources

Furthermore, the company has developed many more innovative solutions, such as the Electra Plus ­ a product for sewage treatment based on electrochemistry. The company is also in the process of launching a new advanced Packaged SBR, MBR, DAF, Pipe flocculators, Wastreat Model, Fenton Hybrid System.

For the future roadmap ahead, Amit Kaushik is optimistic about the high growth prospects that lie ahead for the EPC companies. He shared with us his goals to expand A3S Enviro's operations beyond the Indian sub-continent and have business operations spread across Asia while continuing to bring in new innovations into the EPC segment of water industry.