Aaugritaa Caterers: A Platter of Global Cuisines Poached with Exquisite Expertise

Shiv Shankar Ghosh,Chef & Founder

Shiv Shankar Ghosh, Chef & Founder

The world of culinary-blends and catering-fete today face acute challenges, where diner’s banquet with more knowledge about food than chefs could ever hope for, cementing stumbling-blocks for many to please the palates of foodies. Yet born with a chef’s hat with a fork and spoon in each hand ordained to reform gustatory-enchantments, Shiv Shankar Ghosh (Chef & Founder, Aaugritaa Caterers), a revolutionary legend, contributes to society by serving it the world on a platter, citing cuisines from diverse terrains.

Amassing experiences from over a decade in the food/culinary industry serving across the U.S. & India, and mastering the gamut of global cuisines (Europe’s Continental, Oriental, Mexican, Chinese & more), Shiv’s expertise stretches-out to special dietary/nutritional requirements as well. Incepted in 2011, as a result of this tryst between a food-maven and his passion for delivering phenomenal saporous experiences, Aaugritaa has successfully accomplished 280+ corporate and wedding caterings, and is steadily surging as one of the first choices in the culinary world.

Established to train budding-chefs
and home-cooks in professional cooking, including procurement and end-to-end kitchen management, Aaugritaa soon swerved to fame gaining recognition in the food and corporate catering arena, especially across Delhi NCR. Having aided more than300 students to professionalism, Chef Shiv also serves as a culinary consultant for food startups, setting up their kitchens and devising menus, resourcing staff as well as devising inventory management under the BOOT model. Working alongside fabled personalities like Sanjeev Kapoor for serving renowned figures like Sachin Tendulkar, Aaugritaa under the headship of the cordon bleu Shiv soars heights, ensuring quality and hygiene qualified under HACCP standards. With a competence to cater 25-2500pax at market-competent prices, specializing in vegetarian and vegan, non-vegetarian, North/South Indian, Mughlai, Italian, Thai, Lebanese, Japanese and more dishes with bar and bartender facilities, the company owns a nonpareil reputation in the field.

"Aaugritaa further eclipses competition by pioneering special menus exclusively curated for every occasion covering global cookery styles"

The Legend behind Aaugritaa’s Success
Scoring masterly influence in setting-up kitchens around Delhi like ‘Hao Shi Nian’, Shiv additionally starred as one among top-ten participants of a reality TV-show ‘Food Food Maha Challenge,’ and also appeared as a judge at Master-Chef India in 2012. Having established a trail of success-tales, the Chef leads inspirational
leaps in his field proffering spectacular tongue-treats facilitating health. Setting tables for vegan plant-based cuisines and gluten-free recipes with a keen attention to ethics and allergens, Chef Shiv has propelled Aaugritaa to heights unlike others.

Aaugritaa further eclipses competition by pioneering special menus exclusively curated for every occasion covering global cookery styles. Posing a website that bears rich, easy navigable content, the company displays a potpourri of catering dishes beside corporate-catering like weddings, high-tea, diwali, and high-end rendezvous. Going beyond catering, the company also offers tenting, supplying DJs, florists and handling decoration just to walk the extra mile in client assistance. Sourcing expert chefs from IHM Shimla/Pusa/Bhubaneswar and YMCA Delhi, Aaugritaa also houses cooks from Haldiram and Biknerwala only to assure the best.

Reaching Beyond Horizons
Certified under ISO 9001:2015 7 FSSAI, and obtaining revenue via Corporate Catering & Cooking Academy, Aaugritaa was recognized for ‘Best Cooking Classes’ by Times Food Guide in 2012 and also holds official tie-ups with ‘Tante Marie Cooking Academy London’. Besides cooking, with a love for exploring the world on his taste-buds, Shiv pens chef talks with his inimitable sense of humor and effervescence that reflects in every endeavor. In 2019, Aaugritaa aims to incorporate a standard cuisine that would distinctly introduce vegan-menus and exclusive menus for gluten-intolerant clientele.