Accolite: Setting New Standard in Product Engineering Services

Leela Kaza,President & CEO

Leela Kaza

President & CEO

Alongside opening the doorway of ample opportunities, technology has also brought complexity to the product engineering paradigms. This landscape propels product engineering companies towards a binary of focusing on either quantity or quality of products. This, in turn, culminates in compromising quality and increased turnaround time respectively.

Only a handful of companies are able to find a perfect balance between quality & time, and excelling even among those few, is Accolite – a Texas-based firm delivering high quality, niche technology services since 2007. Accolite amalgamates its deep-product development expertise and intricate quality assurance processes to produce high-quality deliverables, while its expertise in state-of-the-art software development processes ensures an on-time delivery. With this strong background, it’s not surprising that Accolite covers a broad & deep range of technology stacks including Java, .Net, MEAN, Cloud Computing, Data Warehousing, Mobility, Big Data, Data Sciences and AI.

Efficiently Managed Process
One thing that has helped Accolite
deliver successfully on the promise is their expertise and razor-sharp focus on process management. Accolite's process management team starts proceedings with detailed discussions with clients, which is followed by brainstorming sessions with them to explore the finest nuances of their needs to eventually carve out detailed agile sprint plans. Accolite teams break - down the complex features into smaller problems and create proof of concepts (PoC), and eventually integrate these PoCs into a solution. “In fact, we take pride in our young & agile team, which significantly contributes towards ideation and PoC of new product features,” asserts Leela Kaza, President & CEO, Accolite.

There is a strong focus on customer delight and regular demonstrations enable Accolite teams to maintain the same, and stay the course

Spearheaded by a bulk of senior leadership hailing from Ivy League academic background and with deep product development experience, Accolitians have been groomed to recognize and prioritize the best fittings for both products and end-users. There is a strong focus on customer delight and regular demonstrations enable Accolite teams to maintain the same and stay the course. No wonder Accolite’s Product Engineering Services (PES) wing generates 45 percent of its total revenue and has garnered a niche reputation for itself by serving products like EzEval (online
candidate evaluation), EzHire (recruitment workflow management), and EduThrill. EduThrill, their recently launched mobile and web-based product offers 'gamified' preparation for competitive evaluations like MBA, BBA, SSC, Law, and Bank-PO and much more by exposing students and professionals to high-quality questions and pairing them up with their competitors.

Over the years, Accolite has built a prestigious customer ecosystem, comprised of Fortune 500 companies (like FedEx, T-Mobile, and Morgan Stanley) and several mid-size product organizations. "Serving across Healthcare, e-Commerce, Telecom, Aviation, and Financial Services amongst other sectors, we have experienced rapid growth, both in terms of headcount (800+) and revenue of $50 million, and have diversified our portfolio of services," adjoins Amit Arora, Vice President and Head, Product Engineering Services, Accolite.

Flying High
Today, Accolite is in pursuit of a super-fast growth trajectory with an aim to double revenue and headcount by the end of 2018. “During the course, we will expand our client base to companies that use deep computer programming to solve world’s toughest problems,” concludes Leela. The gravity of these goals is lucidly visible in Accolite's in-house training programs, iLearn, and Accolite Univerity. While iLearn is a session conducted by its own experienced workforce for lateral hires, Accolite University (AU) is the induction program for campus graduates from top schools in India and the program rapidly makes the grads industry-ready.