Acro Engineering Company: A Pioneer in High-Performance Computing Hardware & Gaming Solutions

Himanshu Jain,Managing Director
Himanshu Jain, Managing Director

The fast-paced growth of Indian IT industry is a major driving factor of the evolving hardware and high performance computing hardware market. Alongside, the booming gaming industry is a major contributor that adds to the growth due to raising interest of young entrepreneurs for AI and machine learning. Complementing this growth is Acro Engineering Company(AEC),one of the leading hardware solution providers in the Indian IT industry, which was the first distributor to bring gaming hardware in India. “We specialize in high-performance computing for graphic designing, video editing, machining learning, 3D designing, simulation and more. For the last two decades,we hold the responsibility for introducing high performance hardware & gaming products in India,”says Himanshu Jain, Managing Director, Acro Engineering Company.

Walking Alongside Growth of Industry
There is a great demand for establishments which have the infrastructure to facilitate the gaming needs of individuals and charge them a sum in return.
Having played a pivotal role in fulfilling needs & demands of gaming industry, the company has established 100 such cafés last year. Being a pioneer in the industry who had to figure-out customers’ needs & wants and the amount they are willing to spend from scratch, AEC has now grown into an expert who can foresee demands before it arrives. And it shares its learnings to its partners & clients to ensure better decision making for everyone involved with AEC. “We have been successful in what we do because of our immense passion. We have expanded to so many operations over the years; the experience, ambitions& overall competence we offer reflects in all of them,”says Himanshu.

"From first timers to potential café owners, the company gives system integration to community engagement and end-to-end solution,where it maintains good relationships with partners"

Leveraging its Diverse Portfolio
Established in 1980, AEC offers a highly diversified portfolio of products in hardware like in audio earphones& headphones), IT products (power supply, keyboard, accessories, kit for TFT/LCD & more), gaming & professional monitors, digital signage, workstation motherboards, cabinets, CPU coolers,Case fans,high performance desktop & laptop memory, and other PC peripherals such as processors, Graphic cards and more. From first timers to potential café owners, the company gives system integration to community
engagement and end-to-end solution, where it maintains good relationships with partners. Carrying all major brands when it comes to core computing hardware & gaming peripherals, AEC doesn't just provide products, it provides solutions.

AES has secured and maintained its partnership with major powerhouses (ever since they were small subsections in India)in Gaming and eSports industry such as MSI,Cooler Master,Steel Series, G.skill, Gamdias and more, which are exclusively in AEC’s distribution channel. Being a national distributor, Acro has 13 branches across India strategically placed to ensure that partners do not suffer with issues related to stock availability and has more than 4500 counters across India that sell products imported by AEC. This ensures that clients not only buy from them, but get great business. It also contributes in an intensive community engagement program for all gaming café partners through events, social media campaigns, gamer meets & more.

e-Waste Initiative
Though once upon a time AEC had a roomful of old motherboards,it stepped forward for e-waste management and further setup collection centers at all of its branches to responsibly dispose them and encourages its partners to do the same. AEC aims to open five more branches, partner with more than 150 gaming café's and double down on the community engagement program.