Adatte: Revolutionizing the E-Waste Recycling

In a frequently changing hi-tech world, a new electronic appliance or gadget is being developed every other moment; making older ones outdated and often discarded, being dumped into the environment. This has created an ecological imbalance thereby increasing the e-waste pollution. Adatte E-Waste Management a market leader and an authorized top recycling company, is revolutionizing the e-waste recycling sector by providing an integrated end to end services to their clients. Adatte's solutions range from the collection of e-waste to dismantling and segregation to recycling.

Eco-efficient Adatte
Right from the collection of materials to complete recycling, Adatte ensures tailored attention to each of its clients for the utmost service quality. The whole process of recycling e-waste is meticulously chalked out. This includes the company taking care of the collection of e-waste irrespective of the location or size of the client firm ­ MSME, Corporate client, Government Agencies, Educational Institutions, etc. Next, at the company-owned recycling plant, the e-waste gets completely dismantled and then segregated into different categories such as plastic, metal, PCBs (Printed Circuit Board), and glass.

Aligning to its solutions range, Addate offers core specialization and flagship offering which is Recycling. In this, all the segregated materials including PCBs and other metals are processed to extract the ferrous, non-ferrous, and precious metals by the government-approved and eco-friendly industrial recycling process. It consists of a 2-stage Air treatment System and a 3-stage Water Treatment System; which helps in zero liquid discharge where-in the company-operated bio-digester provides grey water for plantation. The process is completely automated along with little manpower involvement during material movement. From PCB alone, more than seven metals, plastic, and epoxy powder are recovered. The whole recycling process from start to end can be easily tracked in real-time and all the compliance documents can be downloaded
by the client. The company gives a Certificate of Recycling to its clients and also submits all compliance documents to the State and Central Pollution Control Board.

Adatte also helps the clients, especially producers, meet their EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) targets including dismantling and recycling. Also, e-waste contains precious data of any organization; Adatte offers data sanitization, on-site and off-site, solutions like Data Wiping, Data Degaussing, and Physical Destruction.

Abhimanyu Ajay Mehra, Co-Founder, Operations ,Praveen Kumar S, Co-Founder, Business Development Mehul Jaiswal, Compliance & Infrastructure

With the help of these eco processes, Adatte saves almost 87 percent water and uses 90 percent less power for the extraction of metals while also reducing carbon foot-print by 93 percent than virgin mining. In 2018-2020, the company has saved almost 545 tonnes of carbon footprint.

Adatte's motto of `Data-Driven Urban Mining" leverages the latest technologies to o er quality services to its clients with real-time tracking of recycling and cloud-enabled platform

Making India E-Waste Free
Adatte, as an organization has a dedication towards reducing e-waste in the country. Also, they don't export any valuable e-waste like PCB. And with initiatives like `Recycle in India' and `Recycle for India', Adatte ensures that no hazardous left-over parts are dumped in the country. Adatte is committed to working towards UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ­ Sustainable Cities and Communities, and Responsible Consumption and Production. Their motto of `Data-Driven Urban Mining" leverages the latest technologies to offer quality services to the clients with real-time tracking of recycling processes and cloud-enabled platform. This ISO 9001 and 14001 certified authorized dismantler and recycler has a clientele in the likes of Haier, Concentrix, Fortis, Voltas, and etc.