ADILAID Foods & Feeds: Offering Premium Animal Feed Supplements at Affordable Prices Using Cutting-Edge Technologies

As per the recent census by Mordor Intelligence, the global Feed Supplements market is growing at a CAGR of 5.3 percent and is expected to reach over $38 billion by 2021. The major catastrophe in animal feed market is still the scarceness of feed expertise about the exact nutritional potency of feed/supplements, which terribly affects cattle & poultry health. Sculpting-out a niche in the animal feed sector through bridging this crater by providing high quality animal feeds is ADILAID Foods & Feeds.

Offering everything from live-stocks to premium feeds (including Goat Feed, Cattle Feed, Bird Feed, and much more), farming & poultry equipment, frozen items, eggs, honey, medicines and a lot more, while remaining as an affordable brand, ADILAID is emerging as a one-stop-shop solution for all livestock-keepers. This Mumbai-based company also helps in mitigating and dealing with the various disease outbreaks. Using cutting-edge world class technologies as an enabler, the company assures an ideal proportion of protein, energy, minerals, & vitamins needed for the growth, maintenance & milk production of livestock, which effectively covers for the scarceness of feed expertise in the market to a great extent.

A global leader in producing premium quality animal feed products, ADILAID leverages fully automated high-end systems to achieve this – manufacturing premium quality & standardized feeds at affordable price. Starting from maintaining traceability of raw materials to the final packaging, thorough multi-layer analysis of raw materials & finished goods, and maintaining the track of manufacturing process, everything is performed by the company itself, using the latest technologies. Every process undergoes rigorous quality check, before it reaches the end-customers. The food supplements are additionally processed through laboratory analysis in order to analyze the feed
composition and ascertain the quality. This way, ADILAID truly embraces its core values of innovation, care, collaboration and capability.

Adil Basar,CMD

A Customer-Centric Approach
Promising good health of millions of animals and by bringing smiles on thousands of customers’ faces, ADILAID swiftly strives to out-stretch new horizons each day with the only goal of serving its customers in the most effective way and in turn evolving as the foremost choice of its esteemed clients. Being committed to customer centricity, the firm always gives its customer the first priority and sees the world through their eyes. “We believe that without loyal customers, no company can establish a healthy business. Hence, we strategize our business plan by building healthy relationships with our customers & thus manage to secure loyal customers,” asserts Adil Basar, CMD, ADILAID Foods & Feeds.

A global leader in producing premium quality animal feed products, ADILAID leverages fully automated high-end systems to achieve this

The Future Road-map
Competing with other animal nutritional companies in the market, ADILAID has acquired 30 percent increment in its revenue as compared to its performance the last year. It’s exemplary the way the company has become one of the most popular brands in the animal husbandry industry. ADILAID has also devised plans to expand its business in the future, and intends to spread its offerings to human food as well. “We now endeavor to take ADILAID to the next level so that it can cater to all the customers in a more efficient way and we continue to convince them with utmost-quality products & services,” concludes Adil.