Advance CAD Technologies: Bridging the Gap between Physical and Digital Structures

 Milind D. Futane,Managing Director & CEO

Milind D. Futane

Managing Director & CEO

From a slow process with relatively low precision to picking up speed along with high accuracy, 3D scanning methodology has evolved tremendously over the years. The outcome of this evolution is the rising application of 3D scanning in multiple industries including healthcare, manufacturing, construction and many others. 3D scanners might seem something straight out of a scifi movie for most people; but it exists, and is real and is already revolutionizing in everyday operations of several industries. Although providing 3D solutions to industries, majorly for complex parts having different range of accuracies is very difficult to manage with a single source of technology. Customers, today, are looking towards accurate outputs in less time span. Thus, to overcome this, software and a continuous upgrade of technology are essential. With a vision to address these stumbling blocks, Pune headquartered Advance CAD Technologies has come up with a dual business model which provides both 3D scanning products as well as services.

Established in 2003, Advance CAD offers a comprehensive range of solutions for majorly two
domains - Reverse Engineering and Sales & Marketing. The

Advance CAD Technologies has come up with a dual business model which provides both 3D scanning products as well as services

domains - Reverse Engineering and Sales & Marketing. The Reverse Engineering division offers unique services like 3D White Light & Blue Light Scanning - which allows clients to use 10mm to 2.5 meter component size where they can easily record the state and form of an object; Reverse Engineering Solutions - where it delivers end output of 3D model in support formats like IGS/STP/PARASOLID or CAD native software formats like CATIA, PRO-E, UNIGRAPHICS, INVENTOR, SOLID WORKS and others; Quality Inspection & Measurement - which allows clients to ensure their product and detecting issues like fitment, war pages, and also analyze tool wear during production; Product Design & Development where the firm delivers Parametric modeling, Surface modeling, Design modeling, Correction in existing model and update model as per requirement, Concept modeling and 2D drawing generations as per customer standards; Value Engineering can help analyze the range of supplier parts and validate with respect to CAD Design or supplier, to supplier parts and evaluate changes in existing tooling. The company’s sales department is best suited to
offer all types of 3D Industrial Scanners as well as Reverse Engineering software products.

An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Advance CAD Technologies caters to a range of industries like Aerospace, Automotive, Moulds & Dies, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Shipbuilding Industries, Medical Industries, General Industries and Defense. ACAD also has tie ups with 3D Systems in USA and Solutionix in Korea for 3D Industrial scanners and Reverse Engineering Software’s sales and support for India. “Our technical capabilities have already been proved and accepted by our customers. We have vast experience in reverse engineering solutions along with excellent knowledge and the ability to use 3D technology. Our unique ability to match new solutions to resolve customer problems with more accuracy along with fast delivery at affordable prices is what has made us the one-stop-shop for our customers,” boasts Milind Futane, MD and CEO of Advance CAD Technologies.

Since its inception, Advance CAD has continuously evolved in scale and scope with advancements in technologies and practices. With its ethical approach to commitments, it has attracted clients like CUMMINS, Alfa Laval, Kirloskar Group, Mahindra group, Tata Technologies, KPIT and many more. “In the years to come, we are planning to expand our sales, support and services divisions across India, increasing our services by adding new products like 3D printing and Software Cast Analysis,” concludes Milind.