ADYXA: Enduing Energy-Efficient Photons with Aesthetic Ardor & Light Architecture Adroitness

Ambrish Prasad,Founder & Sales Head

Ambrish Prasad

Founder & Sales Head

‘The domestic efficient lighting program’, an avant-garde initiative unveiled by Indian Prime Minister Modi redefined the electricity sector in India by banking Rs.25.8 crore every day and dropping 52,728 ton of CO2. Setting a touchstone for all developing countries, the scheme nudges a thriving in the trending LED light market. And why not, when it is tendering you with the best of all worlds- energy efficiency, extended life, eco-friendly, durable quality, zero UV emission, low-voltage, and much more. Adding an extra coating of finesse to photonic features with an aesthetic ardor and light architecture adroitness is Noida-based ADYXA, a blue-chip LED lightings manufacturing brand far-famed for its innovation, quality, and simplicity. Transforming lighting products from objects to remove darkness to flaunters of lifestyle and status, the company is a sanctum for commercial and residential sectors alike.

Illuminating India with Innovations
Backed by a pantheon of professionals proficient in light planning, ADYXA was ensconced in 2015 under the aegis of Ambrish Prasad, Founder &Sales Head, as an endeavor to revolutionize the future by producing superior-quality
LED lightings. It parades products with luminaries of extra brightness, energy efficiency, glare-free, consistent illumination, and regular & reliable performance. Taking into account customer aspirations like aesthetic ambiance and luminance, mood engagement, lighting purpose and budget, the company exhibits a perfect assortment of optimum-quality components, pioneering techniques, and most advanced technology at par with industry standards. Hence ADYXA products are known for robust structure, endure voltage fluctuations, reliable performance, competitive rates and low maintenance features. “We assist clients in designing spot, wattage, and size of luminaries to embark the perfect milieu and proffer them with product details, benefits, usages, and applications,” cites Ambrish.

ADYXA products are known for robust structure, endure voltage fluctuations, reliable performance, competitive rates and low maintenance features

Adhering to its vision of illuminating India with continuous innovations, ADYXA designs, manufactures, and supplies top-notch lighting solutions to its client age comprising of three- home & office use (proffering visual comfort, visual performance, and visual ambiance with slim panel, surface panel, Troffer, and COB down lighter luminaries), industrial use (propagating energy efficiency, safety, adequate light, and robust functioning with Hi-Bay, flood, linear,
and street light luminaries), and outdoor use (providing energy efficiency, water and dust proof, high illumination and robust functioning with flood and street light luminaries). Endowing value for money with its competitive rates, its sales professionals employ light concept, planning, and audit for corporates and large spaces without any extra cost.

Casting Light on a Bright Future
Provisioning on-site and after-sales support, ADYXA offers two-year standard warranty, quick & easy on-site replacement, and dedicated technical support along with a systematic approach for design, review, and validation of products. Successfully passing through suitable test and confirmations on products, the company monitors measures and records of calibration for equipment with all its developments and designs complying with the safety & environmental regulatory requirements. It uses BIS certified control gear for all the luminaries and exercises quality control processes ensuring 75-95 percent CQAs having CPK value of 1.00.

With a growth of 60 percent in last FY, ADYXA has widened its geographical footprints with client acquisition and aims at furthering its partner base of architects, contractors, builders in B-class cities across North and West of India. Having partnered with few real estate builders/developers, the company plans tie-ups with major retail, educational, and Government verticals. “We are readying new product roadmap for hoarding market & specialty retail showrooms and are also planning to open new technical support centers,” concludes Ambrish.