Aegis Elevator: Promising World Class, Energy-Efficient, Environmentally-Friendly Mobility Solutions

C G Purohit,  CEOIn India, continuous construction of highrise buildings and growing government expenditure on infrastructure development has spurred the wide installation of elevators & escalators. According to 6W research, India elevators & escalators market size is projected to grow at a CAGR of 8.1 percent during 2017-23. In India, gearless and machine room less type of technology elevator is growing at a faster rate than the geared type of elevator and is expected to hold the major share in the coming years. Aegis Elevator(AEPL)was set up in Ahmedabad, by a team of experienced technopreneurs to innovate strategically and contribute significantly, towards a faster moving future.

Aegis Elevator Envisions as a comprehensive resource center for the worldclass, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly mobility solutions. The firm offers various superlative vertical mobility solutions such as VITA passengers lift, CITO MRL passengers lift, FAZ Freight lift, Hospital lift, and Hydraulic lift and many more. These products right from 500 KG to 10000 KG can be delivered to the customer within the time frame. AEPL manufactures installs and services high performance elevators for the whole gamut of urban edifices office, residential, commercial, healthcare, hospitality complexes, and other buildings. “The car elevator can transport the complete car to any floor customer wants to. The products come with a one year warranty that can be customized if the customer desires,” adds C G Purohit, CEO, Aegis Elevator.

Using latest technology ERP Aegis is able to review each and every job to ensure timely completion. So far Aegis has delivered and completed 100% jobs on time with valid
government licenses. This makes Aegis complete different from others but most reliable brand for who need elevators on time.

The factors that differentiate AEPL from others is the preparatory phase that preceded the company's inception as an intensive know how gestation period that lasted years.

At Aegis Elevator, knowledge-sharing and problem sharing are fundamental operative philosophies

The company stands out in the industry through unfailing reliability, uncompromising product quality, and committed services. Through its precision engineering and highly evolved microprocessor technology, Aegis ensures its customer's elevators that combine the best options in safety, convenience, efficiency, reliability, and user friendliness. Aegis Elevator's engineering & design philosophy dictates that the customer must be able to choose from a vast range of interior design and style choices ranging from elegant to opulent, from functional to sophisticated, from modular to artistic, from classic to newgen, and from high performance to optimum comfort.

The team at Aegis Elevator is the backbone of the company. The technical & engineering teams undergo regular training and upgradation and conform to the stringent quality and performance guidelines of AEGIS. “At Aegis Elevator, knowledge sharing and problem sharing are fundamental operative philosophies. Your call is received by a 24x7 Customer Care Cell who are well trained to understand the technicalities of the problems and redirect it to the right service. The maintenance teams have the expertise to determine whether the call should be routed to the round the clock backup service, or to specialist field engineers.

Thus, the team that attends to the client’s problem is pre equipped with the knowledge of problem specific and is able to solve it in the quickest possible downtime, banking on their technical know how and on field experience. Superior workmanship, rigorous supervision of installation, meticulous testing and adjustment, optimum performance minus excuses, all these are vital components of AEGIS’s own percept of Total Elevator System Solution expertise. Even after we solve the technical aspects of the problem, Aegis believes that the services are not complete until we see that smile of satisfaction on the customers face,” added C G Purohit.

The reliability, durability, and performance of Elevators depend on regular inspections, pre emptive maintenance and stringent safety check ups conducted by the experts. These also reduce operation, repair and downtime costs, and ensure excellent user experiences across longer time frames. Aegis Elevator with a positive attitude is planning to expand its network PAN India. The firm is also aiming to come out as a spiritual brand by taking the next big leap in business transparency and corporate social responsibility.