Aero Engineers: Enveloping wide range of equipment manufacturing for Heat exchangers

Umesh Surotia,CEOThe contemporary Indian heat exchanger market scenario is anticipated to grow owing to the rise in demand of energy, chemical industries, and the need to slash environmental hazards. To equip a range of domestic and industrial applications with various types of heat exchangers, Aero Engineers headquartered in Ahmedabad offers services in the manufacture, inspection and supply of heat exchangers. The company founded in the year 1989 exercise its operations in the top to bottom fabrication of the shell, rolling, welding, cutting, drilling, and machining.

Having supplied heat exchanger equipments for refineries, petrochemicals, fertilizer, power plant, chemical industries, pharmaceuticals and nuclear projects, Aero Engineers is also involved in the manufacturing of pressure vessels. The company operates in the sizing, mechanical design, and supply of the heat exchanger equipments and vessels. Carbon steel, stainless steel, non ferrous, duplex, low alloy steel, and high alloy steel, barring aluminium and graphite, are processed through metallurgical methods for the manufacture of heat exchangers. While comparing the technical competencies, qualities, metallurgies, and experiences, Aero Engineers strikes as an equal competency
with large scale industries in the heat exchanger domain.

With a strong engineering team, the company manages to harness the design and quality at the best standards. The company also possesses the ASME Stamp Like‘U’ ‘U2’ ’NB’ ‘R’. “We are trying to explore more levels of the manufacturing domain by embracing the latest technologies and processes”, says Umesh Surotia, CEO, Aero Engineers.

The company operates in the sizing, mechanical design, and supply of heat exchanger equipments and vessels

Aero Engineers is registered with companies that provide engineering consultancy to refineries and petrochemicals. The company also responds to the government tender invitations for heat exchanger projects. After receiving the order, the company involves in the engineering process and gets the approval of all engineering documents from the consultants. Later, as per the requirement of the project, materials are procured for manufacturing. During the enquiry stage, technical requirements are delineated with the necessary metallurgy and the entities that need to be involved. Aero Engineers stratifies the technical demands essential for both quality as well as design of the equipment. The company undertakes projects mostly from public sector companies such as IOCL, BPCL, HPCL, ONGC, and GAIL, Reliance, NFL, NPCL, DAE. Moreover, Aero Engineers has also registered with EIL. The company maintains a strict quality check of the instruments, which are initiated through a separate dedicated department that analyzes each and every stage for improvement. “In the welding part we are trying to make more facilities. We have brought some specialized automatic welding machine for weld overlay”, adds Umesh. Recently, Aero Engineers has equipped removable hairpin heat exchanger for L&T. The company has also developed equipment that can incorporate triple functions inside a single machine that envelops volume bottles, inter cooler and after cooler. Recently Aero has also taken the technical training for RCC-M French Code for manufacturing the Nuclear Reactor Equipment. Staff Aero Engineers commenced with the turnover of about 2.5 lakhs during the initial years of its establishment, shooting the figures to 35 crores today. Aero Engineers is forecasted to mark at least 10 percent growth every year.