Aeromech Equipments: Committed To Providing Leading-Edge Solutions For The Cleanroom And Micro Contamination Industries

Ramesh Kumar R,   CEOThe demand for cleanroom technologies and solution providers is increasing on a daily basis. With almost all the companies depending on their cleanrooms for various research and development operations, the need for a credible cleanroom technology provider is now higher than ever. Headquartered in Chennai, Aeromech Equipments has been churning out consistent results through their various cleanroom and micro contamination services for nearly two decades now. The company is also one of the few organizations in the market that follows the safety protocols instated by Earth Microbiome Project(EMP) and Good Laboratory Practice(GLP). The brainchild of founder Ramesh Kumar R, Aeromech Equipments has been constantly pushing themselves to become an industry leader and this persistence and sheer commitment to improve and develop has helped Aeromech Equipments to carve out a niche and achieve a pioneering position in the Indian cleanroom realm.

Starting their operations only as a cleanroom testing and certification provider, Aeromech Equipments immediately identified the immense scope and potential of the sector. To cash in on this unparalleled pool of opportunities, the company expanded its service portfolio to include equipment validation as well. "Being a testing engineer, I have got decades of work experience in the
cleanroom industry and have received CTCB-i(Professional) certificate from 'The Cleanroom Testing and Certification Board International', UK in the year 2012. Also, only Indian to receive NSF Class II Biosafety Cabinet Certifier for National Sanitation Foundation, USA, in the year 2015. Identifying the immense growth opportunities in the sector, me and my four friends started Aeromech Equipments. We wanted to create a company that will always give more importance to customer satisfaction and quality assurance. This operational ideology has helped us gain the trust of our clients and make a name for ourselves in the sector. Evolving with the changing industry requirements, we have been able to update our service portfolio to offer end-to-end cleanroom solutions. As of now, we offer a plethora of cleanroom solutions and services including cleanroom validation, indoor air quality monitoring, laminar airflow certification, biosafety cabinet certification, technical cleaning, supply and installation of filters, and magnehelic gauge calibration to name a few", shares Ramesh Kumar R, CEO, Aeromech Equipments.

Apart from these specialized services, Aeromech also offers a wide variety of tested and proven products such as biological safety cabinets, pass box clean air module, air shower, fan filter unit, soft wall cleanroom and many more. Aeromech Equipments has got a pan India presence and over the years it has received accreditations including the NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) certification for delivering cleanroom technology in the United Kingdom. Aeromech Equipments is also the only Indian company having the exacting cleanroom letter certification, onsight certification and biosafety cabinet certification.

As an industry stalwart, Ramesh completely acknowledges the importance of capable employees who aligns perfectly with the mission and vision of the company. One important factor that differentiates, Aeromech Equipments from their competitors is their well versed and experienced employees who are experts in their domain. Owing to the experience and expertise of their workforce, Aeromech Equipments has been able to face the challenges head-on and grow stronger day by day. Over the course of their operations, Aeromech Equipments has successfully conducted the equipment calibration of almost 2000 different companies. This impeccable track record has helped, Aeromech Equipments to create an impressive and widespread client portfolio that include Tier 1 companies like Apollo Hospitals, Hyundai Motors, Foxconn India, Ramachandra University, Biocon Bengaluru, Archon Chemicals, Cipla, ISRO, Kaptain Doors, and Ford India to name a few. Gearing up for a prosperous future, team Aeromech is planning rapid expansion projects that will see them cement their position in not only the Indian but global cleanroom space.