AET Flexiblespace: Setting the Standard for Critical Environments

 Mustafa Rasiwala, Managing Director

Mustafa Rasiwala

Managing Director

It doesn't take much to shut down the sophisticated equipment in a Critical Room/Control Room which in today's digital world is the lifeblood of your business. These critical facilities cost big money to set up, operate and to maintain and are most vulnerable to simple contamination that can be crippling. Too much dust too much moisture or one incorrect procedure can lead to reduced productivity, downtime & lost revenue. Undoubtedly, companies offering expertise in critical environment cleaning are going to be high in demand.

AET Flexiblespace(I) Pvt Ltd is the brainchild of industry veteran, Mustufa Rasiwala who has been a pioneer in the Raised Access Floor & Airflow management industry for more than three decades now. After collaborating with Data Clean Corporation(USA) in 2012, the company headed by Mustufa & Nusrat Rasiwala (Director) has been head and tails above the rest in the market. The company has been growing leaps and bounds setting new standards in the Indian critical environment market space ever since.

AET Flexiblespace introduced the revolutionary concept of ‘Deep Cleaning of Mission Critical Spaces' in India & goes under the banner of ‘Data Clean India'. As a part of the world's most experienced controlled environment, cleaning & remedial specialists, AET Flexiblespace has been a true visionary when it comes to critical environment cleaning & solutions here in India. Data Clean(USA) has been cleaning the controlled environments of Fortune 1000 companies, banks, educational and government institutes in LIVE Conditions for more than 40 years and AET Flexiblespace has served those very same companies based here in India by educating the end-users and all stake holders involved about the high cost of downtime in relation to the cost of specialized cleaning. "It
was tough going, trying to convince these clients to change their existing practices in the early days but our persistent efforts to improve has helped us become one of the most trusted and recognized names in the Indian Critical Environment Cleaning Market", converses Mustufa Rasiwala, Managing Director, AET Flexiblespace, DBA DATACLEAN INDIA.

AET Flexiblespace introduced the revolutionary concept of ‘Deep Cleaning of Mission Critical Spaces’ in India & goes under the banner of ‘Data Clean India’

As of now, the company offers Computer Room Cleaning, Exterior Hardware Cleaning Tops of Floor Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning, Gaseous Contamination Detection & Remediation and Disaster Recovery Cleaning & Server Decontamination. Operating with the mission to develop technical proficiency & leadership competencies in the business by building cost-competitive, value engineered innovative products & services delivered by a professional team.

AET Flexiblespace has cemented its position as an elite critical environment solution provider.

Nusrat Rasiwala, Director
"Normal house keeping services are carried out using cleaning agents and tools which may often cause more damage to sophisticated & expensive equipment. They cannot and do not provide the level of service required in a critical environment which requires a scheduled maintenance and cleaning program carried out by trained & experienced professionals having the right equipment, materials & training. This is exactly where we fit in and many big names such as STT Global, Netmagic, Sify Tech, CtrlS, Bank of America, Barclays Bank, CLSA, Trafigura, ICICI Bank, Mercedes, SKODA, CISCO and many more are part of our clientele" says Mustufa & Nusrat Rasiwala.

Being an integrated service provider in Raised Flooring, Data Clean, Air Flow Management, Under Floor Air Distribution & CMD Under Floor Cable Management, AET Flexiblespace has come a long way since its inception. Gearing up for the future, the company and its 150 plus employees are not planning to sit back on their laurels and boast about their past glory, rather they are zeroing in on various new approaches and techniques to put clear daylight between them and their competition. "We are constantly upgrading our basket of products & services and will be launching a new suite to add to our list of satisfied customers by keeping abreast with existing technologies" signs off Mustufa.