Agritimes: 360-Degree Coverage Of Indian Agriculture

Nehul Jagdish Kumar,Founder & Editor

Nehul Jagdish Kumar

Founder & Editor

India is an agrarian economy, but the sector is under-reported. With over 180 million to 200 million people involved in farming activities, the sector needs a platform which covers news, information and intelligence to farmers as well as investors and companies. AgriTimes is one-of-a-kind news portal that not only covers news related to crops, but also cover poultry, aqua culture, dairy, animal husbandry, organic farming, horticulture, farm equipment news.

“We want to cater to the farming population and want to bridge the gap between producer (farmers)and investors and help global companies waiting to invest in India's growing agriculture sector,” mentions Nehul Jagdish Kumar, Founder & Editor.

A multi-vertical portal that gives all relevant information of any agriculture & allied sector at one platform, AgriTimes informs and update farmers with latest news and knowledge that helps them make right choices in which ever sector they are working. “Anyone who is concerned & interested in agriculture & allied sector can connect with Agritimes™ to get news and information to sharpen
their knowledge & skills,” mentions Kumar.

Revolutionizing Agriculture & Allied Reporting
Though India is one of the highest producers of food grains, dairy and other food items,it lags behind in tapping overseas market. Even the farmers lack in information and knowledge about the sector locally, as well as on a global level. This is where comes in. The portal aims to educate people concerned with the agriculture sector with the latest happening and the so’s and don’ts of the sector.

AgriTimes team is working on setting up an advisory board of industry experts who can guide them on coverage and topics to cover for in-depth knowledge of the sector

Kumar explicates, “Farmers do not get benefits from loan waiver every time and nor do every farmer wants wavier, they want information and knowledge on what is happening around them, and how can they maximise their income with whatever they have produce or going to produce. This is the same with poultry, aquaculture, dairy and live stock farmers too. We wish to become a platform that provides farmers with latest information and news about the agriculture and allied sectors.”

The AgriTimes portal connects every vertical from agriculture
sector, grain sector impact livestock,dairy, poultry, aquaculture sectors that use grain for feed and farm equipment sector. They also cover agritechnology like using drone for agriculture, drip irrigation and much more. The portal has a specific section on farmers covering events, exposition, conferences and much more in bringing latest technologies to farmers. Additionally, they publish expert articles, technical articles. “We have industry contacts and receive all the news & information from the company directly. We too have reporters working on ground,” Kumar says.

The team is currently working on setting up an advisory board of industry experts who can guide them on coverage and topics to cover for in-depth knowledge of the sector they report on.

The Growth Chapters!
With a primary readership base in India AgriTimes has a diverse readership ranging from China, The U.S.,UK, Canada, South Korea, Philippines,to Russia, and others. The website has over 20,000+ industry& farmers as subscribers and subscribers who are agriculture scientist, vets, farmers, corporate, others.

Actively looking for new investors, the team at AgriTimes is all set to launch the website in 10 regional languages, actionable agri intelligence section as well as on ecommerce platform. “We have recently launched and open for investment in return of equity stakes in AgriTimes project. We are looking to scale our operations and coverage across the country by 2019 and hoping to launch our newspaper by 2021,” Kumar concludes.