Air Concept: Enabling You to Breathe Pollution-Free Air, both Indoor & Outdoor

Mehul Panchal,   Founder & MD

Mehul Panchal, Founder & MD

A report by WHO in 2018 claimed that India’s 14 cities made it to the world's 20 most polluted cities list. India being a developing economy has massive expansion plansfor infrastructure and industrialization, which puts alarm on the higher nodes, thus making outdoor air pollution a worrisome affair. To escape this conun-drum, many of us refrain from opening our home’s doors and windows. But little do we realize that by doing so, we make our indoor air more polluted. Comprehending the entire scenario, and using his 17 years of expertise in creating industrial filtrations that delivered 10 times better air quality then defined by CPCB for the industries through his company Filter Concept, Mehul Panchal (Founder & MD) incepted Air Concept in 2018.

“We have addressed the challenges in dealing with the worst kind of conta-minants & gases emitted by industries. Hence, while designing our air purifiers, we keep in mind that they should be capable enough to address the worst condition within the indoor air pollution scenario,” asserts Mehul. Hence, Air Concept introduced seven-stage filtration. Each stage
has its own significance, which removes dirt, dust, bacteria, virus and all harmful contaminants present in the air.

"While designing our air purifiers, we keep in mind that they should be capable enough to address the worst condition within the indoor air pollution scenario"

Air Concept’s high-end air purifiers are capable of identifying air pollutants and monitor air quality index within the purifier device, thus helping clients measure the actual level of air quality at the time of installing the device and then compare the updated index after the installation. The company has further introduced Wi-Fi enabled air purifiers, which help customers to operate and monitor their air purifiers through their smartphones.

Every Air Concept air purifier is tested for CADR at reputed American Laboratory, and is CE & ROSH certified, while the internal filters are manufactured and tested as per ASHRAE Standard, which confirms that the products are made with the highest safety standards. Air Concept’s air purifier installation at one of the biggest Neonatal Unit in Ahmedabad metro city where around 50 premature babies are kept under observation, is a testament to its standard compliance and trust.

Innovation at its Best
“We initially designed eight different models of indoor air purifiers to meet the customers’ expectations. But we realized the scarcity of outdoor air purifiers when one is exposed to the highly contaminated or polluted
environment. Hence, we introduced three different versions of mobile air purifiers for male, female and children,” explains Mehul. These products are made with four-stage filtration, covering the basic and compulsory requirements of filter, which removes the worst kind of gases and pollutants in an outdoor atmosphere. It has also designed outdoor air purifiers which when installed at crossroad junction can remove pollutants from the atmosphere in the range of 450 feet radius from its installation. “We can design customized models depending upon the individual requirements. We are working with different PPP models with a vision to approach government institutions and even NGOs,” adds Mehul.

The company is currently engaged in developing air purifiers with poll kiosks to clean the entire road of a particular city, and Air Concept is already in discussion with few government bodies to implement it on the ground. Further, Air Concept will soon introduce Hydrogen water bottle, a new and innovative product for the Indian market.

Customer-Centric Services
Air Concept’s air purifiers are built on innovative technologies, hence the installation and use is as easy as plug & play, requiring zero or minimum maintenance. However, to ensure no muddle, this customer-focused company has created a strong network of after-sales service PAN India through authorised distributors/dealers, who are just a call away. Despite being technology-heavy and service-oriented, the air purifiers are too cost effective.