Akayam Logistics: An Integrated Logistics Service Provider with Customers at its Focal Point

Logistics industry is a big earner of the country consistently for many years now. The increasing number of export and import has only increased the growth rate of the industry. Companies both big and small, old and new have been trying their best to get a foot-hold in the industry due to the unparallel scope that the logistics space offer. With the population getting bigger and their requirements getting higher one can only imagine the boost the Indian logistics space is about the others are not able to increase their market share. When many of its peers shut down their operations and called it a day, Akayam Logistics had different plans. Since 2014, the logistics firm has been improving on a yearly basis and the biggest credit goes to the director of Akayam Logistics, Akash Jagdish Bhambhani. Akash and his team has been constantly working to provide the best logistics services and solutions for the clients and by following this customer friendly approach, they have been able to develop on a consistent basis.

Today, Akayam Logistics is one of the premier logistics service providers in the country and the unique interventions made by the company in the logistics space have helped them lead the full container load (FCL) segment in the country. As an integrated service provider in the industry, they have been able to bridge the gap that was prevalent in the freight industry. "We are an integrated service provider in the logistics sector and we provide a plethora of services such as air and sea freight services, project cargo, warehousing and various other logistics services. We also offer services to our clients which helps them in their international shipping. We have got reliable agents at various ports across the world and this helps us to offer fast delivery of the shipment without any problems. So, you can count on Akayam Logistics whenever you need any kind of shipping or logistics services", says Akash Jagdish Bhambhani, Director, Akayam Logistics. The company also offers other specialized services including site inspection and project planning, route surveys and selection of reliable carriers, customs clearance, and final stage delivery with closing report.
With their years of domain expertise, Akayam Logistics has formulated unique approaches and methodologies to make sure that their customers are always happy and satisfied with their services. The company is an expert when it comes to managing heavy lift projects which requires a lot of concentration and precision planning. Akayam Logistics has a formidable reputation in project cargo logistics and heavy lift shipments because of their dedicated operations team who have a thorough understanding of handling cargos at ports, customs and transport agencies. Even while providing all these top-notch services, Akayam Logistics makes sure that their services are easily accessible for their clients at an affordable rate.

Akash Jagdish Bhambhani,Founder & CEO

Akayam Logistics is a firm believer in the importance of technology and they continuously adopt latest measures when it comes to technology which is miles ahead of the industry. Innovation, quality and service are core components in the company's philosophy and this has helped them to create long-lasting relationships with their clients. This approach has helped the company to cater to various industry verticals including ceramics and stoneware, minerals, paper industry, project cargoes and all other seasonal crops exports from India to world ports. Akayam Logistics has also been awarded on multiple occasions including the Best Logistics Partner 2019 in Gujarat Leadership Awards.

With their years of domain expertise, Akayam Logistics has formulated unique approaches and methodologies to make sure that their customers are always happy and satisfied

Today, after completing five successful years, Akayam Logistics has grown almost 500 times from the day of its inception and the company is constantly working to improve on their services by incorporating the latest technology and innovation to offer the best quality services for their clients.