Akshay Controls & Systems: 20+ Years of Phenomenal Excellence in Marine Electronics

Akshay Paul,Director

Akshay Paul


The significant drivers of the current marine electronics industry in India are burgeoning marine trade and demand for secure navigation & communication systems, which are triggering the shipping industries to constantly enhance their systems and innovate on newfangled solutions. Anchored perfectly across this vast space of marine electronics is Akshay Controls & Systems Pvt. Ltd.(ACSPL), a Mumbai-based company with over 20 years of profound experience and phenomenal reputation among the shipping behemoths. Unlike other players in this segment, ACSPL holds a never failing ability to provide inhouse solutions for any marine control & automation task. The company attributes this excellence to being empanelled with major shipping companies and shipyards such as Shipping Corporation of India, Cochin Shipyard, Hindustan Shipyard and others, over a long span of time. That’s how ACPSL has not only gained in depth knowledge in marine technologies & systems, but also limitless potential to offer overall system troubleshooting and reliable retrofit solutions.

Extended Fortes
Besides vast experience, ACSPL currently focuses on developing core automation solutions only, while Programmable Logic Controller(PLC) manufacturers take care of
the design & development of internal control circuitry. This has been the case since the dawn of affordable PLCs and its range of manufacturers in the market that work in accordance with the stringent regulations of bodies like Lloyd’s Register, The American Bureau of Shipping, and others. Akshay Paul, Director, ACSPL, adds, “Our other forte is our strong and talented design & development team that is capable of harnessing the true potential of high performing PLCs along with GUI development”. Well versed in everything right from microcontroller to PLC programming including embedded systems, this ace team at ACSPL has delivered over 200 applications in last four years.

ACSPL takes pride in developing 50+ products using PLCs especially for the retrofit applications

Indigenous Marine Products
ACSPL takes pride in developing 50+ products using PLCs especially for the retrofit applications. Most of these products control and monitor a range of main & auxiliary machineries that are on-boarded on ships such as engines, boilers, centralized alarm, propulsion, clusters, compressors, HVAC and many others. Since 2015, the company has installed more than 10 Alarm Monitoring Systems(AMS), thus showcasing its efforts on building better and safer systems. By large ACSPL designs and retrofits its flagship products propulsion, cluster and steering with extensive precision and reliability by leveraging novel, powerful PLCs from companies like Wago. Besides being certified by ABS Quality Valuation under ISO 9001: 2015 standards, ACSPL tests each system extensively in its laboratories before dispatch and prepares an appropriate installation procedure. Thus,it reduces installation time, overall costs and downtime, while providing longer after sales support to its clients. Moreover, ACSPL has tackled all issues from troubleshooting to retrofit installation of its clients in short time span through its strategic presence across Visakhapatnam & Kochi and also a vast, central database.

Currently, ACSPL is working on a spectrum of efficient HVAC projects along with industry experts to maximize output and minimize operational costs, while staying abreast through its industrial training division. With an average growth of over nine percent in the last three years the company aspires to expand its offices and augment its client base across the globe, hoping everyone to take advantage of its products and ability to provide all kinds of automation solutions.