Allnyx Technologies: Cost-Effective yet High Quality End-to-End Solutions via Concerned Manufacturing

Ashvin Navadia,CEOThe existing and emerging challenges in the electronics realm constantly remind each start-up to modify its strategies in tandem with the technological advancements to excel among its profuse contemporaries. Many a time, these start-ups find difficulty in garnering the requisite raw materials for products or lack insight in choosing their vendors. Discerning this difficulty is Allnyx Technologies LLP, a dynamic EMS company established in 2015 by Ashvin Navadia (CEO) who has managed to establish Supply Chain with a vast network of trusted PCB, Electronics Components, Mechanical Parts, Plastic Parts, LCDs, Cables and more, vendors with his 18 years of experience in global sourcing and design & engineering. Besides catering to sourcing requirements of start-ups, this extensive network also permits Allnyx to proffer high-quality end-to-end solutions at reduced cost and faster product development time to organizations of all sizes.

As flexibility in rendering services is the need of the hour, Allnyx is proactive in executing turnkey projects wherein customers only provide the product’s design specifications and Allnyx takes full responsibility from purchasing essential raw materials to delivering
complete tested quality products at reasonable cost. Besides under concerned manufacturing, it musters all components from customers and only focuses on manufacturing. “Acting as an agile OEM/ODM, Allnyx stands as one-stop-shop of not just manufacturing of PCBAs and box building in the high-mix low-volume space but also for Design & Engineering, Rapid Prototyping, New Product Introduction, Supply Chain Management, Hardware Design, Embedded Software services and many more,” explains Ashvin. Furthermore, its value-added services involve redesigning old systems into state-of-the-art SMT/PCBA devices there by producing much compact designs.

By deploying optical inspection instruments (100x microscopes) and testing instruments, Allnyx scrutinizes each circuit board as per clients’ requirements which depict its less than 0.1 percent rejection ratio

State-of-the-art Infrastructure
Comprehending the necessity for high-performance and high-speeds of BGA, Micro BGA and FPGA devices, ISO 9001:2015 certified Allnyx has constructed an SMT line embraced with a fleet of sophisticated machines like Stencil Printer Horizon 03ix from DEK, Pick & Place Machine AM100 from Panasonic, Reflow Oven 1809MKIII from Heller, and Wave Soldering Machine from EMST that support flexible mounting of all kinds of
chips. The company that’s stringent on utilizing Non-RoHS and RoHS compliant raw materials & products also owns a dedicated line for developing mixed PCBs, equipped with requisite infrastructure and sources raw materials from Alpha Alent (Cookson) to work on par with any of its contemporary. Moreover, the invisible threat of Electro-static Discharge (ESD) revolving in the solid-state electronics space has motivated Allnyx to establish its plant in an ESD safe and dust-free environment furnished with ESD Epoxy flooring and centrally air conditioned working environment.

By deploying optical inspection instruments (100x microscopes) and testing instruments, Allnyx scrutinizes each circuit board as per clients’ requirements which depict its less than 0.1 percent rejection ratio. This coupled with its unparalleled commitment towards protecting customer’s IP has bestowed it with a clientele that includes Volansys, eInfochips, Syntrons, Infonet, Mantra, Delphian, Elmex and many more. Keen on building an adept workforce, it recruits freshers and provides them formal training on its standards and provides online & offline quality management training to its existing 50+ employees.

Avid Local Manufacturer
Since the Indian and U.S. companies importing products from China are shifting their focus towards Indian manufacturers, Allnyx plans to expand its capacity & purchase more equipment for further enhancing mass production capacity.Already exporting its products to U.S., Israel and Canada, Allnyx is currently witnessing a revenue of Rs.8 crore and is rising with an annual growth of 35-40 percent.