Amar Radio Corporation: A Distributor & Marketer of Electronic Components used Across a Spectrum of Industries

Anil Chawla,PartnerThe evolution of the Indian electronic component industry has been a steep curve. From merely a handful of components like diodes, transistors, and op-amps, to advanced design activities in futuristic industries, the industry’s members need to amp their game to accommodate the customer’s ever changing requirements. One such company that is traversing on these lines of evolution is Amar Radio Corporation(ARC). Established in 1968 by Shyamlal Chawla, it is one of the first electronic component distributors in India. This Bangalore-based organization has had a humble beginning, starting its operations merely as a trader in radio spares. Evolving with the industry, ARC today sells a wide range of electronic components across all major industries, including Industrial, Automotive, Green Energy, Automation, Medical, Communication, Defense, and many more.

ElectronicComponents Distribution
Defining itself as a stockist organization, ARC’s expertise lies not only in distribution and stocking, but also in customized solutions and there in customized
products that are otherwise not readily available in the market. ARC is authorized to sell several top brands like Amphenol, Alpha Wire, Delphi APTIV, Bourns, AVX Corporation, Elcom, O/E/N India, Phoenix Contact, Mornsun, Sunon, and many others. Interestingly, many component brands that are being added to the Amar Radio line card are complimentary to each other. ARC’s product categories include Interconnect (Cables, Wires, Connectors, and more), Actives (Semiconductors, Crystals, IGBTS, and others), Passives (Resistors, Capacitors, and more), Automation, and Electromechanical (Relays, Instrument Cooling Fans, and others).

Regional sales support is important; it not only benefits the customer, but also helps our back-end team adapt to customer needs

The delivery of these components is strategized according to production demand and is tracked in real-time through a dynamic software. Further, ARC’s long-standing relationships with several vendors also enables prioritized product delivery where needed. In addition to stocking and flexile delivery, ARC is active in providing design solutions to R&D units of various manufacturing houses. Here, ARC’s Field Application
Engineers(FAEs)and/or Business Development Managers(BDMs) work closely with the customer’s design team to asses technical feasibilities of the required components. ARC also provides sample support and after-sale services(where needed)to ensure a full spectrum of services.

Strategic Sourcing & Vendor Managed Inventory(VMI):
In addition, ARC also serves as VMI partner to manufacturing and R&D units. This comprises of managing the full spectrum of procurement activity on behalf of their clients. Services here include sourcing, stocking, bonded inventory, safety & buffer stock, kitting, scheduled & JIT delivery, traceabilityand tail spend management(TSM).

Scale and Creditability
Amar Radio has a PAN India presence, which is enabled by the highly trained regional BDMs and FAEs.“Regional customer support is our eyes and ears.In addition to supporting the customer, the engagement enables our back-end team to adapt to customer needs,” adds Amar Chawla, Partner, Amar Radio Corporation. In addition, being ISO 9001-2015 certified and D&B registered adds creditability to ARC’s systems and business methods.

Till date, the company has served over 1500 clients across India consisting of companies like Bloom Energy, GE BE, ABB, Siemens, Honeywell, Luminous, Godrej, Tejas Networks, BHEL, Wipro GE, HCL, Kaynes, Cyient and several other reputed companies. To serve them best, ARC has setup a warehouse of over 50,000 sq.ft, with a private customs bonded warehouse facility.