Ameet Group: A Pioneer firm constantly striving to go an Extra Mile to meet client's expectations

Sudhir Shah,Managing Director

Sudhir Shah

Managing Director

India's infrastructure sector involving engineering services and construction services along with other sectors continues to be a key operator of the nation's economic progress. Numerous operations are involved in construction services such as plumbing, firefighting and other related services and companies like Ameet Group are pioneers in the engineering services industry, constantly striving to meet the need of customers with their quality offerings.

Established in 1980, when Ameet Group started serving their clients as a part of the construction industry, the services did not receive as much attention as they should have and it was difficult to convince clients for want of providing better services. Moving on, today, Ameet Group is a celebrated name offering plumbing and fire-fighting services rendered to clients with quality executions in a professional way in an evolved construction industry.

The company has established a dynamic advent for accuracy which has resulted in a beneficial long-term association with the clients. In the case of high-end projects, delivering superior quality work in specified time has been the company's USP. The primary reasons for the company's well-being are the customers and we have been able to
establish a healthy relationship with all the clients without much ado. The company has never hired a sales executive in the last 40 years and still manages to pick up premium projects at its will.

Ensuring Safety and Quality
Ameet Group's policies are strict when it comes to ensuring safety in place of work and projects and we are OHAS 18001 certified. We are arguably the best in the industry as we consist of vast experience, delivered varied projects across industries, awards to the company's name, and robust standard operations which speak for itself when it comes to quality of the work or the product. Over the years, Ameet group has served numerous reputed consultants and architects on various projects across India.

By virtue of our experience, the company finds it easy to identify the best talent in the industry for hiring and groom them in such a way that they can perform to their best. One of the hardest milestones achieved by the Ameet Group was to successfully execute and commission a single stack system in Mumbai for a High-rise tower and the Ameet Group was the first organization to do it. "Keeping a tab on the latest developments and innovative technologies being introduced in the industry has been one of our core strengths".

Some of the noteworthy achievements of Ameet Group are Times of India ­ Press ­ 6 Nos across India, Meditation center for Global Pagoda ­ Mumbai, Whistling Woods film training institute ­ Mumbai, Inorbit Mall ­ 2 Nos ­ Mumbai & Hyderabad, Tata Institute of social science ­ Mumbai, TCS IT park ­ Bhubaneshwar, Reliance (ADAG) global headquarters ­ Mumbai, Aamby Valley ­ Lonavala, Radisson Blu Hotels & resorts ­ Ali-baugh, Rupa solitaire IT park ­ Mumbai, Rupa renaissance ­ Mumbai, Symbiosis ­ Pune, Ruby hospital ­ Pune and Marriott ­ Ahmedabad.

Ameet Group believes and follows a dictum of “change is the only constant” which has resulted in forming of a new organization named “Lidco Building Technologies”. Lidco building technologies manufactures different high-end drainage-related products from stainless steel. We are also coming with the addition of new products to add value to our clients. Further, Mr. Sudhir Shah, Managing Director concludes elucidating their plans and challenges faced to execute it. From last two years, we have chosen to stay low profile in terms of new bookings as the challenges faced by the industry are too many like cost-cutting, low demand, supply glut, and other related problems. However, the company remains optimistic going forward.