Novus Animal Nutrition India: Pushing Boundaries Of Animal Production With Animal Feed Additives

Neeraj Kumar Srivastava,Managing Director - South Central Asia

Neeraj Kumar Srivastava

Managing Director - South Central Asia

Amidst the developing countries that are known for rapid population growth, India is estimated to dominate the list in 2028 as the world’s most populous country, unseating China. As the current world population of 7.6 billion is projected to skyrocket to 9.8 billion by 2050, the demand for food would also swell. As per FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) estimates, we have to increase the overall food production by 70 percent to feed the world population in 2050. Only 10 percent of this 70 percent increase is expected to come from land expansion, while the remaining 90 percent should come from higher crop yields and alternative food sources. In such a scenario, the role of animal agriculture becomes extremely important to meet the growing food and protein demands.

Recognized as a leader in science-driven animal health and nutrition solutions for agriculture customers worldwide, Novus International, Inc. through its offices worldwide, like Novus Animal Nutrition India, is making a clear difference in sustainably meeting this growing global need for nutrition and health. Supporting animal health and performance through nutrition since its inception in1991, Novus boasts of a comprehensive portfolio that provides a holistic approach to solutions, service and sustainability for poultry, swine, aquaculture and cattle, backed by decades of research. The company stands apart from the herd by not only providing superior quality products (verified by science and proven in production), but also by offering professional, knowledgeable, and local service & support, and adeptly addressing industry challenges through collaboration.

Being a global leader in protease and phytase enzyme solutions that fall under the CIBENZA brand family, Novus outclasses competition by helping producers in extracting more benefits from feed ingredients, leading to options for reducing overall costs. “By incorporating feed ingredient solutions from Novus into animal diets, customers can extract improved parameters and additional value from their operations,” affirms Neeraj Srivastava, Managing Director, Novus-South Central Asia.

Novus’ MINTREX chelated trace minerals are the only globally available bis-chelates that have been recognized by various international bodies like European Union and AAFCO (Association of American Food Control Officials) by classifying them as a distinguished class of minerals. When it comes to setting a higher benchmark of performance compared to other chelated mineral sources, producers in over 90 countries trust MINTREX. In India, MINTREX minerals are marketed as very popular ‘TMO’ range of mineral premixes.

Supporting Antibiotic-Free Production
The company is a market leader in products platforms of minerals, enzymes and feed quality in South Asia and has started making strong footprints in the eubiotic segment as well, as more producers make the choice to move away from using antibiotics in their animal feed. “With our integrated approach encompassing gut health and immunity to reduce antibiotic usage while maintaining the same animal performance, we are well positioned to support antibiotic-free production for our customers,” asserts Neeraj.

Novus has a dedicated team of in-house technical experts and renowned third-party global consultants that help producers implement antibiotic-free production through an integrated approach combining technical know-how and proven products like ACTIVATE nutritional feed acid, NEXT ENHANCE 150 feed additive and AVIMATRIX feed supplement.

Furthermore, Novus’ feed safety program optimizes nutrient preservation and food safety by reducing the risk of mold and mycotoxin contamination in the feed. The company follows a comprehensive approach involving feed mill audits, engineering services, technical recommendation and customer training, along with the use of globally accepted product solutions like SANTOQUIN feed preservative, FORMYCIN preservative premix, and SOLIS anti-caking agent to maintain feed safety for the producers.

Committed to Solutions, Service & Sustainability
Beyond traditional product functions, customers seek ‘solutions’ to their food production challenges and world-class, attentive service from the company that provides them. Realizing this, Novus serves a comprehensive solution to the challenges producers are facing in their farm by combining product with services and technical know-how for profitable and sustainable animal production. In fact, the
company has built a habit to continually engaging with its customers directly and through industry forums to address issues. “The core axiom of Novus is our commitment to Solutions, Service and Sustainability. We are committed to reducing feed costs, optimizing gut health and supporting a greater plane of nutrition for livestock and poultry production globally,” adds Neeraj.

Novus places ‘Service’ at the center of its commitment, as it embodies the company’s interaction with customers, business partners and the communities that surround its offices worldwide. With the ‘Think Globally and Act Locally’ approach, the company establishes a hands-on working relationship to serve; whether it’s providing superior customer service or working one-on-one in communities it is serving. “Our service pledge to all of our stakeholders is a promise of professional, knowledgeable and friendly service and support from people with appropriate backgrounds, training, understanding and commitment to the solutions & markets we participate globally,” Neeraj says.

The company’s vision – ‘helping feed the world affordable, wholesome food so they can achieve a higher quality of life’ – is ingrained in its culture. Sustainability is a priority for Novus and is a mindset that permeates throughout its operations. “We have a social, environmental and economic obligation to deliver products, services and programs that ensure a sustainable future for all of us. Novus is committed to delivering complete, high quality animal health and nutrition solutions every day,” remarks Neeraj.

With our integrated approach encompassing gut health & immunity to reduce antibiotic usage while maintaining the same animal performance, we are well positioned to support antibiotic-free production for our customers

Novus ensures that its manufacturing and packaging facilities have one or more of the following certifications: FAMI-QS, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, AFIA Safe Food/Safe Feed, FC 14000, ISO 14000 and GMP. From qualified suppliers, procurement of the best raw materials, packaging and delivery of the finished product, the Novus Quality Management System creates optimal production conditions with systematic monitoring and controls at each step. “For customers, this means knowing Novus products will perform exactly as they should, every time,” Neeraj adds.

Prolific Talent Pool
Established in 1991 through a joint partnership of Mitsui Co. Ltd. and Nippon Soda Co. Ltd., Novus was set on a path of ‘health through nutrition based on science’. Today, the company has grown into an industry leader with over 700 employees in nearly 100 counties, wherein more than 10 percent of its employees worldwide are scientists and/or involved with research and development.

Novus has established a robust, comprehensive training and development system for its employees, where 70 percent of the learning is experiential (comes from challenging work environment and solving problems), 20 percent is social learning (derived from communities, networks and sharing, coaching mentoring & feedback), and the rest is formal learning (structured courses and programs). This explains how the company has achieved one of the highest productivities per person in the industry worldwide and high rate of employee engagement. Novus has also got one of the best talent pools in their respective areas from renowned institutes like IVRI, IIMs, and GB PUandT. Under the 10 percent formal learning program, very reputed institutes are engaged in training like CCL (Centre of creative leadership) and INSEAD, to name a few.

New Mountains to Climb
With such a prolific talent pool, Novus has been enjoying a double-digit revenue growth in South Asia, which is more than twice the growth rate of the market. With this CAGR, the company is marching towards doubling its topline in the next five years. In fact, due to increased business volume and expansion plans, the South Central Asia office has shifted to a new and bigger space in Chennai (at a strategically chosen location) to satisfy the increasing business demands in the region and accommodate more headcounts & resources to support growth. “We are excited about our new office in Chennai, India, and are committed to adding more value to our customers through our innovative products and solutions in the coming years,” concludes Neeraj.

Plans are afoot to further grow and strengthen Novus’ leadership position in its specialized product segments through the addition of new products and services as per the changing customer need and market dynamics. It is this innovative spirit that empowers Novus to maintain an unyielding grip on the market and bestows it with the capability to handle whatever curveball the market throws at the company – at present and in the future.

Neeraj Kumar Srivastava, Managing Director – South Central Asia
Neeraj is an accomplished business leader who has accumulated a strong expertise over the past 26 years through turnaround of various businesses, grooming and developing talented teams and great networking with customers & suppliers in the industry worldwide. He is Deputy Chairman of the apex industry body – CLFMA, and Zonal President of PFI.

A global leader in developing animal health and nutrition solutions, Novus offers ALIMET and MHA feed supplements, ACTIVATE nutritional feed acid, ACIDOMIX preservative premixture, CIBENZA enzyme feed additive, MINTREX chelated trace minerals, SANTOQUIN feed preservative, AGRADO feed ingredient and many other specialty ingredients under the following major product platforms:

· Methionine & Organic Trace Minerals: Additives to satisfy the animal's nutritional needs.

· Enzymes: Additives that favorably affect performance through improvement of nutrient bioavailability or favorably impact the environment.

· Feed Quality: Technological additives that favorably affect the feed’s characteristics.

· Eubiotics: Additives that favorably affect animal’s performance through maintaining good health, thus allowing optimal nutrition.

Locations: Headquartered in St. Charles, Missouri, U.S. with Chennai as its hub for South Asia, Novus has corporate offices, R&D laboratories and manufacturing facilities in more than 30 countries, as well as smaller offices, with field staff in an additional 60 countries.

Certifications: Recognized by various industry bodies like CLFMA, IPJA and PFI, Novus ensures that its manufacturing and packaging facilities have one or more of the following certifications: FAMI-QS, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, AFIA Safe Food/Safe Feed, FC 14000, ISO 14000 and GMP.