Anritsu: Advanced & Indispensable test solutions for communication systems

Vasudev Tantry,Country Manager

Vasudev Tantry

Country Manager

The history of Anritsu spans over 120 years. The genesis of the company dates back to 1895, the year in which Marconi successfully demonstrated the world's first wireless telegraph. The development of Anritsu has traced the emergence of modern communications, and its history has run concurrent with the evolution of information and communication networks.

Anritsu’s business expansion has occurred chiefly in the information and communication field. The company provides test and measurement solutions that are indispensable to the development, manufacture and maintenance of a range of communication systems.These include mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, global network infrastructure such as fiber optic networks and wireless base stations, and telecom-use electronic components embedded in various electronic devices, used everywhere from R&D and manufacturing to construction and maintenance.

Closely involved with developing the leading-edge technologies in partnership with the customers, the testing solutions that Anritsu offers are considered to be very reliable, trustworthy and of the highest quality. The company is certified under the ISO 9001 international quality management standards for quality assurance since 1993 and has developed a consistent global framework, from product design and development to production, services and maintenance. “In Japan, the quality management subcommittee, comprised of the quality managers of each Group company, oversees the sharing of issues among companies to
drive quality improvement across the Group. Moreover, in response to the increased impact of software on product functionality, we have been providing company-wide activities to improve software quality since fiscal 2016,” speaks Vasudev Tantry, Country Manager, Anritsu.

An Array of Testing & Measurement Products

Known to be a pioneer in the implementation of next-generation wireless technologies while continuing to support existing standards, the company offer solutions for the full range of 2G, 2.5G, 3G, 4G, and 5G telecommunications as well as current and next-generation.

Overcoming the current limitations of 4G is the principal goal of 5G, a concept that is both an evolution of wireless networks to meet future demands for data and a revolution in architecture to enable a cost-conscious network that can be efficiently scaled. “Anritsu is one of the leaders in 5G testing and our comprehensive 5G solutions will be our key flagship offering now and in the near future,” mentions Vasudev.

Anritsu provides test and measurement solutions that are indispensable to the development, manufacture and maintenance of a range of communication systems

The solutions are offered to global customers through a network of sales bases in 19 countries. There are 14 service centers in 12 countries to offer a variety of thorough and accurate services. At the Measurement Support Center in Japan, members with ample knowledge of Anritsu’s products are striving to respond to customer inquiries within two hours. Additionally, a CRM system has been introduced at the center to coordinate with sales and marketing and maintenance service sections. The system prepares technical documents and estimations, provide operation instructions, and handle customer problems.

The company does not shy away from being in the forefront of innovation and newer technological advancements. The team collaborates and work very closely with leading operators, chipset companies and Mobile OEMs and align their product roadmap to meet the clients’ testing requirements.

Over the years, Anritsu has had a steady revenue growth that has further contributed to their success story. The company has expanded their reach and assistance in the field of IP network equipment and inspection equipment for food and pharmaceutical products. All said and done, Anritsu will continue to contribute to the realization of a safe, secure and comfortable society.