Arc Studio: Complete Marketing Communication Design Under One Roof with 3D Architectural Rendering

RishabBohra & Nikita Agrawal Bohra,Founders
Rishab Bohra & Nikita Agrawal Bohra

The boom-and-bust cycle,however unpredictable and inconvenient,is a necessary process in a market. It almost perfectly describes the state of real estate and its marketing. Overlooking the real estate market, competitiveness can impose huge threats for businesses. The need or demand for architectural renderings to support its growth is increasing, as it offers a lot of features and capabilities that traditional real estate marketing tools cannot and will never achieve. And it’s just getting warmed-up. If 3D Visualization and Rendering technologies are all provided under one roof, the possibilities are endless. Proffering precisely this is Jaipur-based Arc Studio, which has been delivering state-of-the-art solutions and quality services in3D Architectural visualization industry since 2012.

“Arc Studio has covered a lot of ground in 3D Architectural Rendering and Walk throughs that has converted clients’ ideas into reality and beyond,” states Rishab Bohra, Founder, Arc Studio. Some of the largest corporate organizations that have been
rendered with its services are JW Marriott, Ananta, D’Grand Bhagwati Resorts, Unique Builders, Rajasthan Patrika, Mirraz Group, MA Architects and Ideas. The amalgamation of Branding & Communication along with 3D Architectural Visualization verticals have helped the company position as market differentiators – as a one-stop-solution for the Real Estate Industry, providing complete Marketing Communication Designs under one roof. The company that breathes quality, innovation and creativity day-in and day-out, has successfully delivered some pioneer projects though handful. As such, Arc Studio’s flagship service 3D Still Image Rendering (exterior, interior & landscape) for Real Estate and Hospitality Projects(be it residential, commercial, townships, hotel, and resorts) has buoyed the business and kept it afloat even in the choppiest sea of economy.

Bridging Communication Gaps
“3D Renderings and the Visualisations have given the home owners the ability to visualise themselves in the space. This is the value that pre-construction marketing is bringing to the industry. Clients start marketing their project not just after completion but even before they have started, using 3D visualization,” adds Rishab. After hiring an agency for 3D Architectural and Visualization Services, that the various challenges that a customer goes through is more or less resultant of the lack of communication and ideation between the client, the Architect and the Agency. This more or less affects Timely Deliveries and Duplication and
Triplication of efforts. Hence, it becomes a pain for them when they have to coordinate with the architect and the agency for elevation designs. “Herein, Arc Studio tweaks the construction plans according to clients’ suggestions before it becomes real in brick and mortar. It solves these problems by first bridging the communication gap and getting in touch with architects directly to take elevation, planning approvals to avoid delays and thereby increasee the success ratio of meeting the client’s deadlines. This effort is contemplated by Arc Studio’s team and executed through work stations that are always up-to-date with latest technology and up-to-date versions of software,” remarks Nikita Agrawal Bohra.

Selectively Marching to Success
What truly sets it apart from competition is its practice of working upon selective projects rather than going for the numbers. This way, each project gets respective attention of the team leaders, helping the projects standout, be it in terms of lighting setup & uniqueness. Each project undergoes proper client communication processes, wherein the team leaders put their projects go through stringent Quality Checks at every phase - Modelling, Texturing and even Lighting to ensure the best outcome. Having commenced its operations in the Western & Southern horizons, the studio aims to expand its reach to in the targeted areas with a projected revenue growth of more than 200 percent in the near future.