ArEco Green: Earth Borne Products to Replace Single Use Plastics

Shashank Agarwal, CEOIt is difficult to deviate from the routines that have shaped and conditioned our everyday tasks asociated with carrying around plastic products for major or minor purposes. Though plastic products have proven to ensure durability and safer to bear solid and liquid materials, its ungoverned use that inundates and pollutes the environment needs to be controlled and doused. Given the nearing catastrophe, the world is now waking up to the problem and governments are starting to act. Starting from the ban on plastic, steps to encourage eco-tourism and the use of biodegradable products, and various other initiatives have been undertaken in multiple states to make India eco-friendly. In a mission to find alternative to the single use plastic products, New Delhi based ArEco Green focuses on producing biodegradable products without causing any harm to the environment.

ArEco Green is engaged in manufacturing dinnerware out of materials acquired from nature including biodegradable straws, plates, bowls etc. Making use of coconut
husk, the company manufactures coir pots which can be also utilized for sowing saplings that mixes with the soil. In order to make the best use of coconuts in every manner possible, its shells are transformed into coconut bowls. Instead of depending only on one raw material for making leaf plates, ArEco puts forth three different kinds of biodegradable plates that are made from Sal, Areca Palm, and Bagasse. By introducing bamboo straws, the company sets a substitute for non-disposable plastic straws.made arrangements for the villagers who provide raw materials by allocating machineries. Hence, they are encouraged to manufacture our products rather than just giving us the raw materials. This could also help them find a livelihood apart from the little wages that they make supplying raw materials”, states Shashank Agrawal, Founder, ArEco Green. A chartered accountant by profession, Shashank quit his job to enter the green products industry long before plastics were a serious topic of discussion.

ArEco Green is engaged in manufacturing dinner ware out of materials acquired from nature

Evidently, plastic products are cheaper than eco-friendly biodegradable products. This stands between ArEco Green’s vision to promote green products over plastic products. The limitations persisting in the large scale production of plant based products and the availability of quality raw materials does not diminish the need to replace plastic with eco-friendly products. As Shashank presumes, the rising awareness against single use plastic products and government initiatives to lower its use would boost the demand for green products in the near future. A total labour based industry there are no automatic machines involved in the manufacturing process of green products yet. ArEco envisages reducing the labour force by bringing in better machines. ArEco initiates the supply of its products by participating in various national and international trade fairs, through website and social media platforms for the customers. While currently offering their products in Indian and overseas market, ArEco intends to expand its business and product reach across globe including Canada, Africa, Europe, and the United States.