Arora Caterers: Making People Happy Through their Stomach

Vineet Arora,Director

Vineet Arora, Director

The food from ‘Bhartiya rasoi’ is not only an epitome of cuisine and culture, but also a unique blend of science & art that makes it a highly distinct palate. From ingredient balancing taste & nutrition, to Satvik food & rich cuisines from all over the world, Indian food has something for everyone. In a nation where food is not only a source of nourishment, but a heartfelt emotion, Hyderabad-based Arora Caterers has been melding three decades & three generations of experience to offer a palate that brings joy in every morsel.

Founded in 1986 by Ved Vyas Arora, Arora Caterers stands at the pinnacle of the Indian catering industry, offering a relishing palate experience in Hyderabadi, North Indian, South Indian, Rajasthani, Chinese, Lebanese, Japanese and various other global cuisines with an Indian touch. It has served notable personalities like APJ Abdul Kalam and Pratibha Patil, along with many top organisations like HSBC, Infosys with the same passion and cuisine expertise on which it was established upon. “Our value is in
our understanding that we work in a country where food is personified as God, and we work with the same reverence on a daily basis,” avers Vineet Arora, Director, Arora Caterers.

"Our value is in our understanding that we work in a country where food is personified as God, and we work with the same reverence on a daily basis"

Tantalizing the Taste Buds
Having catered to a plethora of food aficionados, what remains constant in its diverse spectrum is the uncompromised quality, hygiene, presentation and attention to detailing. Currently, the organisation is expanding its horizons and venturing-out in food technology & innovation. The team is highly skilled in a complete range of services, right from catering, event co-ordination, and banquets. Interestingly, Arora Caterers has also served at high-end corporate events & destination weddings on an international level, while contributing to their splendour. Its Plated Food Service is perfect for those looking to cater to a high server to guest ratio, while its Buffet Food Service attends to those looking to host a bigger group.

Harbouring an ever-ready persona, Arora Caterers offers its customers the commitment to work under tight deadlines. Its unique Short Notice Solution is a one-stop-solution enabling customers to entertain from the comfort of
their space to recall. Isha Foundation experienced such professionalism when the hired caterer wasunable to tend to 5000 participants. Arora Cateres not only managed to whip-up delectable meals within a mere 10-hour, but also put-up a splendid presentation that was the talk of the evening. “We strive for perfection and never settle for mediocrity and believe in giving our best every time to make the event a memory of the lifetime,” adds Vineet.

Yet another exquisite offering of Arora Caterers – The Manned Chef Stations (live station counters), blends in the contemporary event execution with delectable cuisine. With the best of both worlds, the organisation has to its credit an A-list clientele experience to catering at events with 100-110,000 guests.

What is next in the agenda of this leader? Keen on infusing technology with catering, Arora Caterers has created an app interface that will connect the team with customers and enable the latter to book their arrangements right from food to decor. Furthermore, as the cultural borders vanish, the organisation is oriented towards creating more global delicacies with a desi touch. Some of the dishes are Idly Satay, Pav Bhaji Pizza, Butter Chicken vol-au-vents and Thai Naanza, which will have the scientific element as Arora Caterers envision developing a team focused on molecular Gastronomy and Food Science.