Artana Waste Management Solutions: Delivering Solutions and Services toward a Green Planet

Suryakant Gangber,DirectorOur approach to ensure we are the best in the solid waste management field is by focusing on the quality of our service and products,” says Suryakant Gangber, Director at Artana Waste Management Solutions. According to him, every product at Artana is manufactured keeping in mind the customer's feedback. Quality is of utmost importance for the team at Artana. Based out of Vadodara in Gujarat, Artana Waste Management Solutions gained success in the market by manufacturing a remarkable gamut of Composting Machine, Waste Segregation machines & Plant, Decentralized Compost & Solid waste management plant,Biogas plants & All Biogas Solutions and its solutions, Heavy Duty Shredders, Cleaning Wipes/Lint Free,Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaner and more. The company offers products that are manufactured in compliance with the predefined industry norms and are tested to ensure their flawlessness.

As far as its flagship products are concerned, Artana over the years has manufactured 5
types of machines that help in seamless composting and waste management. First, its Automatic Organic Composting machine that has an inbuilt shredder that shreds the waste material thereby reducing the decomposition time and enhancing the efficiency and quality of the compost, the machine is fully SS, most advanced with patented design. Second, Semi-Automatic Composting Machines that process waste materials in batches and leave it to be cured in the curing system for 12-15 days in a humidity-controlled atmosphere in the presence of air. Third, the De-watering system, also called as solid-liquid separation unit used for waste mud or slurry treatment, which mainly consists of high-speed VFD centrifuge and chemical-adding unit. Fourth, De-watering composting + Biogas which operates the same way as the dewatering system but has the capability to use liquid waste as biogas with anaerobic reactions. And lastly, its Rotary Composting designed to efficiently treat all kinds of organic waste materials. The technology uses only top-quality products including a stainless-steel shredder and conveying system and inside lining to completely protect the rotating composter from rust caused by moisture.

The goal is to be the leader in solid-waste management, addressing all areas with the best solution available

The team at Artana constantly explores and utilizes new waste disposal methods, hygiene, cleaning and air pollution technologies which are efficient and cost effective without sacrificing service to its customers. Their aim is to be the leader in solid-waste management and tackle all the aspects of waste problems, hygiene, cleaning and air pollution with the best possible solution. The company’s business is driven by its entrepreneurial spirit,resourcefulness, and commitment to delivering reliable and professional service and high-quality recovered materials. “We believe that it is our corporate responsibility to have a positive impact on the communities in which we live and work. We aim to build superior relationships with all parties who contribute to our corporate mission and share our vision of protecting our planet,” concludes Suryakant.