Arushi Green Energy: A Key Contributor to India's Sunny Energy Future

Shashikiran N K, Managing Director

Shashikiran N K

Managing Director

At the 2015 Paris climate summit, India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced a target of generating 175 GW of power from renewable sources by 2022. Out of this, 100 GW is slated to come from solar energy, a goal that looks unrealistic now. Geographically, India is an ideal country for solar energy with almost 300 days of sunshine and our major power requirements being during the evening or mostly during the peak summers. We import more than 80 percent of oil and over 20 percent of coal to meet the energy demands of the country. For a country like India where power consumption is only going up with the growing economy, solar energy is an ideal way to not just maintain a sustainable environment but it also brings our ‘power for all’ dream a step closer to reality. With the initiative taken by the Government of India, and the subsidies and incentives offered by the Government and the Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission since 2010, there has been a considerable increase in the number of solar energy adoptions over the past years.

Embarking on this theme and thriving on its advancements is Bengaluru based Arushi Green Energy (India) Pvt. Ltd. An experienced solar power consulting company, Arushi Green delivers integrated sustainable solar energy production solutions. Set up in 2010, the firm has created a benchmark for itself in the solar industry with its vast experience in solar power consulting. “We have strong expertise in setting up solar systems for private, commercial and public sector units. We have the brightest minds on our advisory panel who are pioneers in this industry, helping us bring the latest innovations and best practices from the industry to our customers. We consider ourselves a part of the global network in shaping transformation to produce clean decentralized and fairly shared energy needed for our existence and our planet,” says Shashikiran N K, Managing Director, Arushi Green Energy (India).

A Future Of Clean And Sustainable Energy
A powerhouse in itself, Arushi Green is a one stop-shop for solar services such as Solar offgrid/On-grid power plant, Solar Utility-Scale Power Plant, Solar Power Generation for Captive use/Net Metering Concept, Solar Water Pumping Systems, Solar Street lighting system, Solar Water Heating Systems Industrial/Commercial Application, Solar Drying System and Solar Air Heaters (Agriculture product and Industrial components), Solar Parabolic Cooking application, Power Trading, Turnkey Projects Solar PV and Solar Thermal, Design Engineering Consultancy, PMC (Project Management Consultancy), EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Contracting) and O&M (Operation & Maintenance) for Solar Thermal & Solar Photo voltaic.

Built on a platform of over 25 years’ of knowledge in the area of solar power and energy management, the firm offers Engineering, Procurement and Construction solution for Off-grid/On-Grid installations for homes, agriculture users, public facilities and large commercial projects. “We, at Arushi Green Energy, have established ourselves as a leading OnGrid systems provider, both Rooftop and Ground mounted. Generally, Ground mounted systems are utility-scale but our experience is that clients initially opt for Rooftop systems and eventually graduate to ground mounted utility scale. Rooftop systems are smaller in scale which convinces clients that Utility Scale plants will greatly enhance the benefits of owning Solar PV systems. However, Ground Mounted Solar
plants still face several regulatory hurdles in terms of approvals from multiple authorities and it can only get better with ‘Single Window’ set up by the State Governments. Solar Energy Sector is bright as the Sun itself and Arushi Green Energy, since inception has been tirelessly propagating the benefits to Industrial & Commercial clients,” delineates Shashikiran.

Every solution at Arushi is designed keeping in mind the impact on society and helping the environment. The firm ensures that knowledge transcends from one to another seamlessly and there is growth for eternity. “At Arushi Green Energy, we understand the trends in the industry and provide our insights to our clients at every step of planning, designing and execution. It’s our endeavor to treat every project as a turnkey and make innovation in technology that results in our client’s growth. Everything that we observe helps us put things into perspective so that we implement it in our ethos for a better future,” speaks Shashikiran N K, Managing Director, Arushi Green Energy (India).

Solar energy sector is bright as the sun itself and arushi green energy, since inception has been tirelessly propagating the benefits to industrial & commercial clients

Experienced in solar power Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Supply of economic solar power installations, the trained and skilled professionals of the team add real value to every solar project and it carries out the detailed engineering design of the project, procure all the equipment and materials necessary, and then construct to deliver a functioning facility or asset to clients. “We do not compromise on quality, performance and longevity of the systems we deliver. We design them by combining components from leading producers with those we have developed and produced ourselves. We also offer transparent and customer friendly warranty provision,” adds Shashikiran.

Arushi Green Energy has a strategic alliance with advisory panel supported by ‘the brightest and best’. The combined experience of its core group exceeds 25 years in solar water heating and solar photovoltaic systems.

“Our team in Marketing, Production, Quality and Projects are veterans in their respective areas with the design and installation experience of over 3 Lakh liters in solar water heating system and cumulative of 25 MW of Solar Off Grid and On Grid connected power plant in India. Thus, with our inherent strength, we can confidently present ourselves and ensure that we deliver the best designed and operational system,” utters Shashikiran.

A Personal Touch To Each Project
As an experienced solar power solution provider, Arushi Green Energy provides turnkey services with a strong reputed supply chain. The firm ensures that Quality is its foremost calling card and its repeat orders and satisfied clients referrals are a testimony to their high degree of professional service.

“The Arushi Green Energy team comprises of seasoned consulting, design, and management professionals and experience is our hallmark. We have the ability to solve the problem with the aim to build solid dividends on a secure investment, reducing dependence on conventional energy. We understand the current trends within our industry and focus on results rather than work. We are enthusiastic about sharing knowledge and are committed to a lifetime of learning, reading, observing, and growing. We consider ourselves a part of the global network in shaping transformation to produce clean, decentralized and fairly shared energy that we need to live on earth,” says Shashikiran.

Arushi Green Energy has extensively collaborated with the renowned LUXRA INTERNATIONAL AG, a Swiss German multinational to bring Europe standard Solar Tech to India. LUXRA has manufacturing facilities in India and Poland. Its range of Solar PV modules are considered top of the range in quality and performance. Arushi Green Energy’s Managing Director Mr. Shashikiran has been inducted into the management board of LUXRA as Director. Arushi and Luxra together have ventured to have footprint across Africa, Saudi Arabia, Middle East (Gulf Countries), South Asia & Pacific Islands.

Keeping up with the Government’s initiatives towards solar power adoption, in the years to come Arushi Green Energy is looking forward to spreading its wings across geographies. Signing off by outlining the future roadmap of the firm, Shashikiran says, “We already have a lot of projects under construction. In the coming months our mission is to create awareness about the uses of Solar, Wind, Biogas and Biomass-based various technologies among the public; to promote the installation of power plants based on renewable energy sources for energy Security; to promote the energy conservation measures for efficient use of energy resources. to promote green building designs for efficient use of energy in housing, commercial and industrial sectors. We have also successfully completed the Installation and Commissioning for our Nation Proud Organization ISRO (Department of Space). We have accomplished a cumulative of 1.9 MW of Solar Grid Interactive project across all over Karnataka and Kerala ISRO sites, and we expect the numbers to multiply in future.”