Ashvin & Company: Setting-Up New Avenues In E-Auctioning Landscape With Progressive Approachess

Ashvin Shah ,Auctioneer

Ashvin Shah


Ashvin & Company: Setting-Up New Avenues In E-Auctioning Landscape With Progressive Approaches In light of the increased number of suppliers, the proliferation of the internet, and the growing need to control the bottom line, most Indian firms are gradually shifting to e-Auctions. When used to its full potential, e-Auction, like all automation and technology, is an efficient labor-saving solution that relieves employees of monotonous and mechanical workloads.

The new phase of e-Auction frees up operating time and adds value to a user's position with all mutilations and maintaining vendors. A Mumbai-based private firm named Ashvin & Company further eases the e-Auction process with an advanced tech-enabled platform that supports utmost transparency in the auctioning process.

Ashvin & Company is a single-window solution for an e-Auctioning process that has solid experience in the auctioning gamut. This firm works with the mission to provide auction services to its clients and customers with the utmost satisfaction. An array of services offered by the firm includes physical auctions; tenders; e-Auctions; e-Tendering; reverse e-Auction; and customized e-Auction application.

The structured e-Auctioning process on the advanced digital forum makes this firm unique in the auctioning landscape. The user-friendly interface and timely assistance in every step of auctioning are the core points of difference from the other players in the market.

The facility of e-Auctioning has changed the entire ambit of the auctioning process. There have been many advancements in this discipline, further easing the whole process and enhancing the clarity of the system. More information on this company Julian Ashvin Shah says, Our company has an auto extension service wherein whenever a bid is received within the period of 3, 5 or 10 minutes, the auction time automatically gets extended by the corresponding time.

This provides a fair and equal opportunity for other bidders who are equivocal to revise their bids. Along with that, special features such as proxy (multiple item bidding), auto bid (automatic increment up to the maximum limit), reports (bidding summary), and a time counter (collective log data) collectively contribute to the effectiveness and unbiased bidding process.

Unique Ways
Ashvin & Company follows an advanced approach, unlike the conventional method of auctioning. The e-Auctioning process starts with the finalization of the contract, followed by providing adequate data pertaining to the auctioning process for bidders. Once the documentation is set, then publicity and advertising take place for a wider reach.

The caution money deposit from the bidders officially kick-starts the key process of bidding through the online channel. Once the auction finishes, the result is sent to the respective bidders via various media. In addition, if further money transactions are carried out, there exists room for a refund of the money in exceptional circumstances such as unsuccessful bidders.

We drive our firm with Un compromised quality on Both physical and digital Platforms

Operating since 1978, Ashvin & Company has catered to Government Departments, Private Companies, PSU, Banking sectors. Our long term retain ability and relationship with our clients has build a good will in the industry, says Julian. The company's journey in the auctioning landscape has encountered a considerable amount of growth in terms of its operations, expansion, and shift toward digital forums. Thereupon has completely displaced a tech-enabled auctioning firm, which has enhanced the brand positioning in the market and elevated the brand image of Ashvin & Company.

With the help of new advancements in auctioning, the firm is timely penetrating new markets and catering to a new set of clients and in process to launch another website. Ultimately, this firm is striving to be a global auctioneer and strengthen its fame with its quality services and ethos.