ASTRUM: Removing the Barriers between People & Technology

Manoj Kumar Pansari,Chairman & MD
Manoj Kumar Pansari,Chairman & MD

The consumer electronics market is increasingly witnessing new technological innovations. Introduction of advanced and tempting products and its decreasing prices with growing customer base has provided excellent scope for the growth of the Indian electronics sector. Though such products are used persistently by users, the sector is still unorganized & unbranded, offering unreliable items. Although there are certain brands that offer quality products, they come at immoderate costs. This has led to a demand for economical yet high-quality products. Here is where Astrum Electronics India Pvt. Ltd. steps-in with a range of high quality & robust yet cost-effective electronic products that not only ensure customer satisfaction, but also keep their pockets unimpaired, owing to its stark focus on technological innovations. Numerous awards such as Asia Business Achiever Award and Designed in HongKong Award the company has won,
speaks volumes about its innovation in design.

"Astrum Is Well Known For Breaking The Trade off Between Innovation, Quality And Cost Of Its Products"

Assuring Best Quality with Cutting-Edge Technologies
Indian customers are keen of innovative & new products, and the quickly changing tastes & preferences of customers urge the makers to stay updated with the current trend. Astrum is well known for breaking the trade-off between innovation, quality and cost of its products. The company offers around 700+ products, some of which are mobile accessories, smart lifestyle products, IT peripherals & cables, Audio, Video, LED light and many more. Manoj Kumar Pansari, Chairman & Managing Director, Astrum Electronics India, says "Our products are uniquely and innovatively designed presenting a whole new story on the aesthetics. In addition to this, we create value for money bundles of two or more products in a single packaging offering price: performance to our customers".

There are many organizations in the market that offer pocket-friendly products, which attract customers to opt for it,but the area of concern arises when the fancy product fails in few days. But Astrum has won its customers' confidence on quality by providing
product that is best-in-class with the rate of failure in decimals unit. What’s more! Astrum's turnaround time (TAT)on replacements is much lower than the industry standards computer components growth,thus diminishing the hassles involved in the product replacement process.

Astrum is working on the area of IoT & AI and is prepared to launch some of those products soon with the focus of bringing more 'Smart' products to consumers that will help improving the quality of life. The company reinforces the concept of e-Waste management by establishing its upcoming manufacturing facility in Tirupati as a 100 percent environment friendly facility. Astrum's venture also aims to become the most trusted electronic gadgets manufacturer & provider by building a strong online presence and expanding its base into Tier-II & Tier-III cities in coming future.

Incepted in 2008 with a vision to bring Indian consumers at par with the world on next-generation technology, gadgets and accessories by offering them unique, quality, authenticity and technology rich products, Astrum today stands tall as a renowned company having successfully accomplished its vision. Operating from the city that never sleeps - Mumbai, Astrum has witnessed an acoustic growth of 70 percent in the year-on-year revenue and is looking forward to exponential growth for the coming years.