Atmoz: A Credible Package of Intelligent Automatic Machines Built With Dust Bust Technology

Nand K Agarwal,Founder & CEO

Nand K Agarwal

Founder & CEO

Delhi is amongst India’s most polluted cities with inhabitable AQI in some zones. Despite credible political & civic efforts to decontaminate the air the ground situations only worsens. Indoor air is more polluted than out-door. Kids & elderly end up paying for this modern mess with their health. Atmoz Air Purifiers, an ISO certified start-up took the initiative to add value in this small emerging domain by launching two fully loaded-automatic machines consuming just 35W (lower than tube light’s power) with no routine maintenance. Atmoz provides a credible solution to Delhi’s high pollution levels while ensuring your power bills don’t shoot up. These machines are pinned with one year onsite warranty. Atmoz reduces the burden of customers hauling the machines till service centres along with several documents.

Complete Package
Atmoz Air Purifiers come with a segment best seven stage purification mechanism. Developed
with pre-filters to remove large particles in the first stage, these intelligent machines are furnished with true HEPA filters (main filter) to eliminate smoke particles, pollen, active allergens and 0.3 microns or larger dust particles(PM 2.5).Adjoining these filters, the anti-bacterial layer prevents mold, spores and air borne bacteria, activated carbon layer works on odour and volatile chemicals and photo catalyst layer with the oxidation technology catalyzes and degrades poisonous organic contaminants, bacteria and viruses. At the front end, UVC (Ultraviolet C light) sterilizer disinfects airborne microbes and anions release keep the user revitalized and energized the whole day.

Atmoz’ filters are known to clean germs, bacteria and PM 2.5 achieving 99.9 percent efficiency

Atmoz’ filters are known to clean germs, bacteria and PM 2.5 achieving 99.9 percent efficiency. All one has to do is plug it & forget it. The machine will automatically detect the pollution levels, operate and decontaminate the indoors. “Focusing on the right technologies, we invest to ensure that a complete package of air purifiers are delivered to customers with fair prices and post sales assurance while never giving up on a
guarantee for clean air,” avows Nand K Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Atmoz.

Atmoz has carved out a niche for itself in this highly competitive segment. Fabricated with raw materials sourced from global hubs, these CE and RoHS certified machines play a vital role in purifying air at hospitals, schools, factories, corporate offices, workshops, labs and many other buildings across India.

Engraving Credibility
Despite being a small team, employees at Atmoz plan hard, work smart, address any emerging problem or challenge, make mistakes yet learn from them. Believing that a good brand is not built overnight, the firm stays extremely honest and fair with its employees, customers and suppliers, there by building credibility in the long run.

Atmoz is a brand owned by Contrarian Ventures LLP, which has interests in HR Technology & Retail as well. Atmoz was initially funded by mortgaging Nand’s home. The firm has come a long way since then. “We’ve not chased ‘top-line’ at the cost of “bottom-line’ & today our customer is our biggest investor”, says Nand. With long-term of goals of reaping exponential growth, Atmoz is on the verge of launching new models in the air purification space and Kitchen segments through seamless R&D.