AV Xplore: Specialist Audio Visual Solutions

Nikhil Morey ,Directors

Nikhil Morey


As our world transformed from analogue to digital, consumer appetite for consuming content through video has drastically increased. Corporates and retailers have also understood the impact a quality system can deliver in terms of customer experience. As a consequence, the video segment has grown exponentially in India and will continue to be a key market for all global players. Complimenting growth of visuals, audio too has grown in terms of quality of sound. However, the Indian industry is being held back due to lack of awareness about the availability of smart and futuristic solutions pertaining to mounting and audio/video across India.

A key player in bringing world class mounting and audio/visual mounting solutions and products to a host of Indian clients is AV Xplore. “Most companies across India were unaware about the availability of professional installation and consultancy being rendered directly through a distributor,” narrates Nikhil Morey, Director, AV Xplore. Working towards changing the perception of Indian companies, the Mumbai
headquartered firm has been a specialist distributor for specialty audio, video products for homes and professional setups.

"AV Xplore has cultivated a strong relationship with major brands in the field of audio and video, both as customers and suppliers"

Professional Services
Founded in 2010, AV Xplore has cultivated a strong relationship with major brands in the field of audio and video, both as customers and suppliers. The firm is known for rendering mounting solutions, hi-fi home audio, professional audio, projector screens, motorized lifts for TVs & projectors along with audio/video furniture. “We represent some of the premier brands in India, such as Vogel’s from Netherlands which is our flagship brand, Nexus21 from US, Screenline from Italy, Schnepel from Germany, TOA from Japan and our own home-grown brand Tono Systems,” explains Nikhil.

The firm also offers unique video wall mounting solutions from Vogel’s which enables users to place their video wall anywhere from the ceiling to the floor, wall and makes extremely large sizes available as well. With a wide range of products on its roster, the judicious firm has worked with clients such as Indian Railway, IIT Bombay, Republic TV, TATA Trent, Starbucks, Gold Gym and Jana Bank among others.

Robust Network
While AV Xplore is a distributor for products, the firm has adopted a problem solving approach to
rendering its services. The firm understands the business challenges faced by clients in terms ofintegrating AV due to budget, space or aesthetics constraints. Keeping these constraints in mind, AV Xplore renders solutions not provided by other players in the market. The firm also believes in never over committing but always delivering before time. Apart from deadlines, the company also upholds the high quality of its products and ensures that the delivered product is well engineered, aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

In order to keep customers happy and satisfied, AV Xplore has built a robust network of more than 300 dealers across India and over 50 large sized AVSI. The AV Xplore team works closely with its distributors to train them to execute projects seamlessly. The firm also has a team of skilled installers and system integrators to assist dealers and deal with technical aspects. Having invested in developing a strong dealer network, the company answers every requirement from anywhere in the country within a span of 24 hours. Offering a five year warranty on most of its products, AV Xplore makes customer support available onsite within 24-48 hours.

The ambitious organization has experienced 100 percent YoY growth and is working towards joining the Rs.100 crore club by 2020. With the impending growth in requirements for displays and video requirements in the commercial segment, AV Xplore is at the cusp of aggravated progression.