AVA Global: Shouldering Logistics Industry to the Future

Darshan Ghodawat ,Managing Director & CEO

Darshan Ghodawat

Managing Director & CEO

There’s no better time to be in the logistics industry than right now. Catalyzed majorly by burgeoning e-Commerce demand, logistics sector manifests increased momentum and optimism more than ever before. According to Bekryl Market Analysts, the $865 billion worth global Third Party Logistics market will register a CAGR of nine percent en route to the year 2028. Indian subcontinent is nowhere below this pace, as Information and Credit Rating Agency(ICRA) predicts a whopping 10.5 percent growth for the country’s logistics market in the coming years. While the blend of disruptive technologies and digitalization is poised to pivot the reinvention, which is crucial in adapting into this novel epoch, it’s a fine sight that the industry is finally waking up to the fact and strives to embrace technology to ease the complete haulage.

Setting new benchmarks for technology intervention in the Logistics industry, AVA Global-a young and dynamic integrated logistics service provider (ISP)based out in the heart of Mumbai is slowly moving away from the traditional freight forwarding business paradigms. Banking heavily on technology platforms to simplify the whole process, AVA Global takes its customers to a new horizon of transparency, real-time information & clarity, and thus goes beyond the humdrum of logistics services to address the long ventilated pain-points of the customers, and in turn bestow them with ease and comfort. These newfangled technology-equations however hint a promising future for the industry ‘on roll’.

Technology Makes it Simple
“The youth is the hope of our future”. Just like these momentous words from the legendary Filipino writer José Rizal, this new tech-revolution churns out a bunch of passionate, young breed & tech-savvy entrepreneurs like Darshan Ghodawat (Managing Director & CEO) who established AVA Global in 2015 as a full-service firm, at an age of 27. The Young Turk envisions revamping the way logistics is served in India, and in fact, he possesses a lucid comprehension of what exactly it takes - integrated door-to-door B2B logistics solution, simplified by technology. Under the aegis of Darshan and with more than two decades of cumulative experience in the backend, AVA Global within shut-eye time has exceptionally impressed the old school of Logistics by growing 400 percent year-on-year and bringing several awards home including the ‘Emerging Agribusiness Logistics Company of the Year’ award at Globoil India in 2017.

Well, the difference lies in the way AVA Global delivers its services.
While allowing clients to savor the colossal benefits of an ISP partnership, which include imparting the knowledge & expertise to identify weak-points in the supply chain and bolstering client’s bottom line, the company enhances the delivery by integrating its end-to-end services and streamlining the process using the most advanced IT platforms ranging from field-force automation to CRM & ERP systems and much more. Indeed, it offers comprehensive services including Ocean & Air Freight forwarding, Custom Clearance, Warehousing, Trucking, Shipping, and Insurance. And in the process, it manifests the flexibility of handling containerized cargo, special containers (including High Cube, Platform, Refrigerated, Flatrack, Open Top, ISO Tank & Open Side Storage), bulk & break bulk cargo, project cargo, and much more, thereby showcasing a 3600 view of dry cargo transportation.

"AVA global is well on its mission to serve its customers with more customized, flexible & innovative logistics solutions"

“We offer door-to-door services in over 60 countries. The services towards Africa & Europe have been our flagship offering, owing to volume commitment with major carriers catering to these sectors. The sheer volume combined with our wide spread international networks enable us to provide better rates than the market, which eventually becomes an additional benefits for the client,” asserts Darshan.

Stretching the Limits to Go an Extra Mile
This in fact is just the tip of the iceberg. Besides the cost-effectiveness of its services and the matchless advantage that the technology (which handles most of the sales and shipping related activity) brings in, AVA Global focuses on providing its clients with utmost composure by enabling a single point of contact for the entire process. Just imagine the coherence, when you are able to deal with only one executive for all your 3PL requirements throughout the process. The company assigns ‘key client managers’ who deal with the clients right from pick up to delivery and address all the issues on the move, be it in the land, sky or sea. Putting it in a nutshell, it treats customers’ shipment as its own.

“While the larger customers understand the shipment procedure completely, the smaller shippers still need hand holding and proper guidance They get confused with intricacies such as documentation, taxation, and compliances,” explains Darshan. Nevertheless, AVA Global leaves no stone unturned. It not only offers documentation services, but also educates the clients against all the intricacies, not to mention the transparency and explanations it provides. “Proper shipping documents, hazardous cargo compliance, quarantine and FSSAI are carefully examined & filed. Moreover, in compliance with regulatory requirements (governed by Bills of Lading) of different countries, we diligently follow the shipping-line guidelines to ascertain safe transportation of cargo. Coupled with educating clients, this makes our task easier and increases our productivity,” adds Kaushal Vithalani, Director & COO, AVA Global.
In Pursuit of Serving Clients Better
It’s an undeniable fact that going the extra mile to create great anecdotes of client relationships takes a well-built & robust backend infrastructure and workforce. Believing in the basic fact that skill and knowledge of the team eventually translate into highest quality of service, AVA Global has devised different modules of training, which every employee has to mandatorily go through. Apart from the domain knowledge, these modules revolve around soft skills, documentation, customer relations and operation. Exerting utmost gravity in smoothly conducting this ongoing training model with participation of each & every employee on a continuous basis has played an instrumental role in company making it to the mainstream.

AVA Global has already scaled its business to have revenue of $30 million (in FY 2018-19). Perceiving this growth curve as an added responsibility to serve its customers better, the company has set blueprints to bring its entire business to online model within next few months, and envisions becoming a global player with estimated revenues of $300 million by 2022. It has even collaborated with a leading international digital platform, which will be launched without much delay. “The growth from now onwards will come even faster, as we have set our new process, which took us four long years of brainstorming to build. This new level of automation is expected to reduce our dependability on manual work by 60 percent. We aim to grow our client’s business, and in the process, grow along with them, offering highest standard of professionalism & ethics,” concludes Darshan. Having indulged in an industry which is expected to double in size & volume within the next five years, AVA Global is well on its mission to serve its customers with more customized, flexible & innovative logistics solutions.

Key Management:
Darshan Ghodawat, Managing Director & CEO
A young & tech-savvy entrepreneur, Darshan envisions revamping the way logistics is served in India. His insights and foresights have been instrumental in AVA Global’s successful journey. In just 27 years of age, he has exceptionally impressed the old school of Logistics by growing his venture by 400 percent year-on-year and bringing several awards home.

Kaushal Vithalani, Director & COO
Kaushal is a young passionate entrepreneur who possesses close to 15 years of experience in trading and commodity markets. His insights and well-informed approach welds Ava Global with an unassailable edge

Headquarter: Mumbai

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