Avery India: Supplying and Servicing Industrial Weighing Solutions Since 1911

Basant Sandooja,Managing Director

Basant Sandooja

Managing Director

With the steady growth in the global industrial sector coupled with the increasing international trade, there has been a continuous demand for more efficient and reliable weighing equipment across different industries. Right from manufacturing, food and beverage processing, transportation to logistics and more, weighing equipment is one of the most integral aspects of the industry. Headquartered in Haryana, Avery India had been a pioneer, playing an important role in providing industrial weighing equipment in the Indian market for the last 108 years. A part of Avery Weigh Tronix, Avery India has been supplying & servicing weighing machines and weighing automation solutions since its inception in 1911.

Avery had been evolving with time, both in India as well as globally. The firm has been dealing with weighing from the era when stones were being used, almost 200 years back. This proves Avery's philosophy and belief of 'Legacy to Leading Edge'. "Accordingly, the Indian company started its operation in India in 1911 by way of the dealership in Calcutta. Our first manufacturing unit was set up in 1948, and thereafter we have had a full-fledged manufacturing base at Calcutta. We established our second manufacturing unit at Ballabgarh in 1974, where we launched our first electronic scale in 1985 and the latest generation Weighbridges and Unmanned Weighing System from 2010 onwards. Since Avery India had been operating in the Indian Market for the last many decades, we understand the needs and wants of our customers in order to develop suitable solutions. Avery India understood the need for Unmanned Weighing System a decade back and started providing automated weighing solutions along with integration/centralized weighing data with ERP Systems of the customers. Innovation has been the major factor through Avery's evolution process. All this has been possible only because Avery has always understood the changing needs of the industry/ customers",speaks Basant Sandooja, Managing Director, Avery India.

"Avery india realizes the importance of after sales support, and the firm, right from the beginning has been maintaining almost 7,500 machines owned by 4000 customers"

Driven Towards Delivering the Best
Avery India has further evolved from 2009 onwards, since when it was taken over by ITW by adapting its Management Principles like 80/20(Focus on the most profitable products & customers), PLS(Product Line Simplification), MRD (Market Rate of Demand, In Lining (Simplify Process from Start to Finish), MSF(Market Segment Focus) and USa (Understand, Simplify act). These tools have been quite useful for improving the productivity of the company to provide a competitive edge in the market.

Today, Avery India is playing a leading role in providing Industrial weighing solutions, both in Static & Dynamic Weighing. The company has got state-of-the-art design/manufacturing set up as compared to the other manufacturers in the country. Its R&D facilities are approved by Govt.of India, while it has an appropriately equipped manufacturing plant spread across 25 acres of land.
Avery India is certified by the global agencies for ISO: 9001:2015, ISO: 45000:2018 & ISO: 50001: 2018 standards. The firm inherits innovative culture from its parent group Co.ITW(among Fortune 200 Companies) which strongly believes in innovations. This is evident through the 10,000 live patents into its credit.

Avery india is playing a leading role in providing industrial weighing solutions, both in static & dynamic weighing

Weighing is required in almost all industry verticals and Avery India caters to all of them. However, Avery India favors verticals like Mining, Cement, Construction and Power where ruggedness and reliability are required. Similarly verticals like Ferrous & Non-Ferrous metals where accuracy is prime important are also more favorable verticals of the company. In fact all leading companies in almost all industry verticals use Avery India weigh bridges. "Accuracy is an important factor in the weighing industry because in accurate weighing does not have any commercial sense. Our emphasis on accuracy is reflective from our motto ‘Accuracy the World Trusts'. The precision of any weighing equipment primarily depends on how accurate is the Load cell used in it. To achieve accuracy in its products, Avery India has a center of excellence for the manufacturing of Load cells at our factory in Ballabgarh. We havethe capabilities of manufacturing & exporting OIML approved load cells of C6 Class which is the highest class in such types of applications", shares Basant Sandooja. Besides above, Avery India ensures Finite Element Analysed (FEA) design of weigh bridge structures and manufacturing of the same using the best available material and fabrication facilities to achieve a stress free structure.

Marching Ahead with Customer Centric Approach
Avery India holds testimonials from the groups that have patronized all their weighing needs to this brand. Some of the major clients served by Avery India include Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) where Avery India has supplied and has been servicing weighbridge at almost all locations of SAIL. Similarly, there are many other groups like L&T, ACC, ITC, Indian Railways and Ports. The company has supplied largest ever weighbridge to Krishnapatnam port of 300 Ton capacity & 40 meters length. There is an endless list of Customers who have been using 'Avery Weightronix Weighbridges'for decades.

Today, Avery India realizes the importance of after sales support,and the firm, right from the beginning has been maintaining almost 7,500 machines owned by 4000 customers. Avery India is able to maintain such a big fleet through its Pan India service Network of 150 experienced service professionals spread over 58 locations. The company also uses global Service Management Software, called ‘Service now'to achieve globally competent customer facing matrices.

Speaking about the skilled experts on board, Basant Sandooja says, "Avery India has been a preferred employer by its employees for decades. This is reflective of the fact that Avery India has got a couple of employees who have been working in the 3rd generation of their family. It is also reflective of the fact that 50% of our employees have been working for more than 20 to 25 years in the Company. Recently, we have also been awarded by ASSOCHAM for the ‘Best Employer for Women' as a testimonial for Healthy & Best Working Culture. Avery India is driven by ITW's core values like Integrity, Respect, Trust, Shared Risk, and Simplicity and we always abide by this."

Avery India strongly believes in ITW Principles of PLS(Product Line Simplification) and accordingly has discontinued 20's products. The company had been focusing on innovative 80's products so that these are differentiated from other competitors in the market. "Having come a long way since inception, our focus at Avery India has always been to provide global products and services to our customers so that we can provide more value of money to our customers", adds Basant Sandooja. In the years to come, Avery India aspires to maintain its market leadership by innovation, cost effectiveness and productivity enhancement at all levels as per global standards. The firm's mission is to ensure the appropriate yield of investment for its shareholders while ensuring its due role in corporate social responsibility towards its employees and society.