Bayleaf HR Solutions: A Leading Recruitment Agency Renowned for Getting Best Talent on Board

Deepak Jaiswal, Co-Founder & Director,Jaynarayan Tiwari, CMD & Co-Founder

Deepak Jaiswal, Co-Founder & Director

Jaynarayan Tiwari, CMD & Co-Founder

Temporary staffing is a much-sorted option by all big and small corporates concerning the associated benefits that it provides. The organizations have adapted to the practice and to minimize the costs and HR burdens, are actively involved in outsourcing staffing, payroll, and background verification. Bayleaf HR Solutions is one such company that provides the best employees to the organizations, viewing their talent and compliance requirements. Directors Jaynarayan Tiwari and Deepak Jaiswal ensure that the teams work in perfect co-ordination to provide the best services to the associates of the company.

A one-stop solution to all HR needs. i.e. staffing, statutory compliance, and training or background verifications, Bayleaf HR Solutions is one among the few names that offer payroll outsourcing with a pan India presence. The operational infrastructure of the company includes the best technology platform and a high performing backend team comprising tax, accounting, compensation and benefits experts.

Addressing Post Covid Challenges
There have been drastic changes in the recruitment industry in the past years. The
organizations have finally realized the importance of Contractual employees. “The covid was an awakening call, especially, for organizations to update their HR policies to adapt to the current working norms. Work-from-home culture is just a recent adaptation that is here to exist as covid showed us all those businesses do not need to avail employees’ physical presence for extracting maximum productivity output. This brought many SMEs into frame to ditch the mainstream hiring norms and conduct interviews on online platforms”, says Jaynarayan Tiwari. IT has been a promising sector, expanding its horizons left and right and in the coming years, the momentum will gain a significant pace to allow more opportunities for growth.

Bayleaf HR Solutions works on Pan India approach that allow it to explore and disburse opportunities in the farthest corners of the country. The company provides services like – staffing, hiring, and training. The best part is that the Employees do not have to depend on external job portals as Bayleaf has a strong database for job postings. The team at Bayleaf places its best foot forward for hiring the best talent across the country.

The recruitment team ensures that the employee capabilities are met with the set industry standards and organizational requirements. Ensuring the best skills, Bayleaf offers free training to its candidates that level up their opportunities for being potential candidates for the organization and the industry.

The labor law experts at Bayleaf HR Solutions ensure that the organizations are compliant at all times

Bayleaf allows organizations to recruit both commission-based and salary-based employees as per their requirements, viewing the current hiring scenario. The in-depth knowledge about the industry requirements helps it to place the right candidate for the right job. It allows the organizations to staff up or staff down. This helps organizations to keep aligned with their business cycles, minimize administrative costs and burdens.

Bayleaf ensures that all payments of the candidates are forwarded into their bank accounts within 2 hours after being released from the Client. With more than 7 thousand associates on the platform, Bayleaf plans to expand further and explore new capabilities to offer best recruitment services.