Beck On: Redefining the Purity of Water

Sanu Sunny,Founder & Chief Consultant

Sanu Sunny

Founder & Chief Consultant

Today, in a country like India, we see drinking water sources are subject to contamination and require appropriate treatment to remove disease-causing agents. The main reason for water contamination is that it consists of pollutants and lead. Also, there is a need to address two situations regarding water, i.e., contaminants, and the number of minerals in the water sources should be given high importance by every organization.

In concern to the water problems, the 'Government of India' has taken several measures to increase the availability of safe drinking water, one of which is to certify or establish water treatment companies. Thus, the need for drinking clean water has forced many businesses to jump into the water treatment field. Though fragmented in terms of overall market share, there is an influence by major international suppliers of equipment and chemicals. Hence, it is challenging to find a company offering a good water treatment.

"We are giving products and services by analyzing The water quality of individual customer not Just selling a product that we have and what Their requirement, we also address the water Management of the firm or the customer"

Considering the challenges, the Kerala-based Beckon is exploring state-of-the-art water purification systems to serve its customers better. Founded in 2017, Beckon's capability spectrum covers the development of economically viable and technically superior solutions in Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), Water treatment plants, and Automation services by partnering with core technology providers. "We are giving products and services by analyzing the water quality of individual customer not just selling a product that we have and what their requirement, we also address the water management
of the firm or the customer," says, Sanu Sunny, Founder & Chief Consultant, Beckon.

The main motto of the firm is to attain customer satisfaction by selling the products that are useful for them in the day-to-day lives. The main aspects that the customers look for are the quality of water with resources they have, with a less amount of water wastage, easy service methods, timely services, and repairs from the service provider. We have the track of all our customers with the best system. "We established our company intending to let people have fresh water using our water purifiers. Our competencies encompass all the key elements in the water treatment, purification, and automation solution value chain, including providing key raw materials to customers," adds Sanu.

Beckon's purifiers are a combination of RO and UV technology with added natural minerals to deliver pure yet healthy water that promotes the well-being of our mankind. After doing extensive research, the team has developed special purifiers and water filters that work efficiently. The purifiers are manufactured to eliminate contaminants and retain the mineral deposits. A specialist in water treatment plant systems, water purifier, and water management system integrator, Beckon completes your expectations in water treatment and its management with a fully automatic system and by infusing technologies every day to the products and services, technology implementation in company procedures, workmanship, and developing the platform for AI integration to customer relation system.

What differentiates beckon from others is that we study the scenario, site condition, sources of water the customers have, existing plumbing and other Systems, and finally the actual process

The firm also provides domestic filters for whole-house filtration water treatment plants for industries like a hospital, hotel, water bottling plants, food processing units, flats, apartments, and others, with the main focus on greywater filtration and drinking water filtration, Beckon also specializes in borewell water filtration, open well water filtration, rainwater filtration, water with high TDS, and municipal water filtration.

From handling the customers, to the service the company provides and the work they do, the members at Beckon have adapted the best work culture. “What differentiates Beckon from others is that we study the scenario, site condition, sources of water the customers have, existing plumbing and other systems, and finally the actual process. Recently, we have given a water treatment solution for making vinegar, and we suggest the water management system to deliver their purpose and the total plant cost lies below Rs.50,000. Making a vinegar plant costs lakhs and the MD of FRESH. OOO has given us the best testimonial for the work done,” quotes Sanu.

However, it is just the tip of the iceberg. With people moving on par with technology, we are making them smart by selling smart products. With the idea to serve within Kerala, the firm is all heads-up to staying ahead of the curve to meet the future expectation of all customers across India by 2025.