Bercos: Crafting Culinary Excellence & Engaging Palates with Dynamic Innovation

Kabir Advani ,Managing Director

Kabir Advani

Managing Director

The landscape of restaurant franchises offers a gateway to immerse oneself in established culinary legacies. These franchises embody the essence of prosperous dining establishments, providing aspiring owners a chance to embrace proven business models, the allure of renowned brands, and robust operational support.

Encompassing a diverse spectrum of dining experiences, from fast-casual gems to upscale culinary delights, franchise restaurants cater to an array of tastes and preferences. Franchisees stand to gain from the wisdom of industry experts, streamlined processes, and a devoted customer base, all of which facilitate a seamless entry into the competitive world of food service.

In the dynamic canvas of India's culinary landscape, Bercos emerges as a captivating masterpiece, adorned not just with flavors, but with a symphony of commitment, connection, and unbounded growth. This journey commenced with a spark, an unwavering passion for authentic Chinese flavors in a rapidly transforming gastronomic world. Established in 1982, Bercos embarked on a mission to blend the essence of traditional Chinese tastes with a contemporary flair, birthing a culinary gem. Diversifying its reach, Bercos operates through various models including Fine Dine-In, Food Courts, Airports, and even Food Trucks, catering to a wide range of dining preferences.
The brand's commitment to excellence has been recognized through a string of prestigious awards, including the Times 101 Finest Restaurants, Times Food and Nightlife Awards, and accolades such as Best Chinese Restaurants in Delhi. Bercos has also garnered recognition for its exceptional service, securing awards like the Service Excellence Award by Brand Academy and the coveted Coca Cola Golden Spoon Award.

Taste Meets Connection
What differentiates Bercos from the rest of the competitors in the market is the brand’s approach to dynamic menu innovation. The restaurant introduces captivating new dishes that resonate across a broad spectrum of tastes Infusing customer input and vigilant tracking of culinary trends. This ability to adapt to evolving preferences positions Bercos as a frontrunner, staying ahead of the ever-changing culinary curve. “We have meticulously curated outlets that exude a contemporary and welcoming ambiance, ensuring patrons relish their meals within a serene setting. Nurturing robust customer relationships stands as a priority, with Bercos achieving this by soliciting feedback, addressing concerns promptly, and consistently interacting with the patrons", asserts Kabir Advani, Managing Director of Bercos.

Recognizing that culinary expertise alone isn't sufficient, Bercos forges connections by listening, engaging & evolving

The Robust Way Ahead
With a robust presence spanning 45 locations across Pan India and plans to further expand with 10 additional locations by March 2024, Bercos stands as a culinary powerhouse. By venturing into catering services and establishing partnerships with food delivery collaborators, the brand effectively aims to broaden its reach, connecting with a larger and more diverse audience while expanding its presence. Through alliances with fellow food brands and social media influencers in the culinary realm, Bercos envisions heightened brand visibility, drawing the attention of new and passionate food aficionados.

“Bercos is charting an exciting path ahead. The journey is a thrilling one, filled with expansion, innovation, and exciting collaborations that will undoubtedly delight the customers and capture the attention of new ones. With a strong focus on expanding the brand’s reach and making a mark in new markets, Bercos is all set to introduce its distinctive Chinese and Thai cuisine to untapped territories. Embracing the digital wave is also part of our vision. By leveraging technology, we aim to make the customer experience even better, streamline our operations, and enhance marketing strategies”, concludes Kabir.