Biolaxi Corporation: One stop solution for Top-notch baking improvers and food Enzymes to Enhance bread performance and profitability

Yatinkumar Wani,DirectorThe baking industry faces a plethora of issues when it comes to bread production. From volume, colour, texture to the overall quality of the bread suffer due to many reasons including the gluten percentages in the flour used, the weather conditions, moisture con-tent in the air, quality of process water, hygiene maintained in the baking area and many more. The industry needs effective solutions to combat such challenges and produce high quality breads and also to eliminate losses or batch failures during baking operations. Catering to such needs, Biolaxi Corporation, established in 2010, offers its range of baking improvers and enzymes for the baking industry.

The company offers a range of specially designed bread improvers and food grade enzymes to enhance the volume, structure, texture, colours and overall quality of breads. It makes sure that irrespective of the quality of flour used to bake the breads, by using the bread improvers offered by Biolaxi, the quality of the breads can be kept intact. "Our enzymes for the baking industry are developed specifically to help our clients save money by keeping any wastage at bay and by producing high volume and good quality of baking products. However it doesn't stop here. We are working towards developing new and more effective baking improvers and enzyme blends for our clients to help augment their businesses further,"
says Yatinkumar Wani, Director, Biolaxi Corporation.

The company manufactures the baking improvers, enzyme formulations and offers it to both national and international markets. Biolaxi Corporation works with a team of experts such as food technologist, enzymologist, Biotechnologist, chemical engineers in the arena and offers top-notch quality baking improvers and food enzymes to its clients. Along with the baking industry, Biolaxi Corporation also offers flour Improvers for wheat and Besan flour mills,immobilized enzymes, industrial enzymes for sugar mills, Bioethanol, textile, fruit juice processing, vegetable oil extraction and pharmaceutical industries. The company uses cutting edge technology and machinery to produce high quality enzymes adhered to the standard quality parameters. The company also ensures that clients get the best of the products at an affordable price.

Fulfilling Clients Requirements
Biolaxi Corporation has its own dedicated laboratory where it developes enzyme based baking improvers, ingredients, puff improver, flour whitener, bread preservatives, cake preservatives, gluten booster and many more. With meticulous research and development and application trials in its laboratories that includes even making bread it ensures that the baking improver produced are of the best quality. It also has its own experienced team who carries out QC and QA analysis of the raw materials and finished products, only after which, the products are offered to the customers.

Biolaxi Corporation keeps customer satisfaction as a topmost priority for which it works with an inhouse application team that visits the customers and understands their needs. It then offers the customer what suits them the best. The team goes a step further to assist customers in learning the application of the baking improvers and enzymes to get the best results out of them.

"We are an ISO 9001: 2015 certified company and strictly follow FSSAI application guidelines, GMP guidelines, and all other crucial guide lines that make our company one of the top enzyme producers for diverse industries. Our customers trust us and make us what we are today," says Yatinkumar Wani, Director, Biolaxi Corporation.

The Road Ahead
Biolaxi Corporation with 30 professionals working for is currently endeavoring to develop more enzyme solutions and ingredients that can benefit its customers to increase their profits. Exploring more industries and catering to diverse needs of customers seamlessly is also what the company is working towards.