Bitline Technologies: Ascertaining Efficiency & Affordability with Unique Designs & Stable Technologies

Rizwan Roshan,   Managing Director,Vinaya Rao, Director - Engineering

Rizwan Roshan, Managing Director
Vinaya Rao, Director-Engineering

As India is becoming smarter, there is an upsurge in consumption of non-linear loads such as power adaptors, UPS units and SMPS (like TV, refrigerator & washing machine). Every non-linear load is source for harmonics in the line. Indicated by occurrences like flickering lights and overheating switch boards, cables and motors, harmonics takes a toll on the equipment’s life. Hence, every household requires a harmonic mitigation device for increasing the appliance’s efficiency and reduce the effective reactive power required by the electricity transmission and distribution.

Bitline Technologies is catering to this growing need with its one-of-a-kind Harmonic mitigation device, an electronic digital circuit breaker (Single phase and Three phases). This single device can protect the entire home from issues like high voltage/low voltage/high current along with filtering the harmful harmonics generated by non-linear loads inside the home. Not only is it extremely user-friendly, but also
works independently without any other supporting resource.

"The factor that sets Bitline at the higher end of the spectrum is the utilization of technologies that are most stable and reliable, which makes the final product affordable"

The factor that sets Bitline at the higher end of the spectrum is the utilization of technologies (PIC micro controller-based design with technologies like zero cross detection, cycle-by-cycle scanning and passive power filters) that are most stable and reliable, which makes the final product affordable. Also committed to offering ease of serviceability, the company that provides a warranty of two years to end customers renders onsite customer support as well.

The Unique Harmonic Mitigation Device
Not only the reaction of its harmonic mitigation device is much faster than other similar devices, it also comes with a unique set of features such as high/low voltage protection, power line filter, fault detection & auto reset, cycle-by-cycle AC scanning and protection against lightning. Yet another striking feature of Bitline’s device is the startup delay. “Refrigerator is different from other loads. To resolve this, we must provide two devices in single cabinet; one for the loads which need input after some delay like three minutes and other for loads where delay can be as small as five seconds,”explains Vinaya Rao, Director - Engineering, Bitline Technologies. It is this innovative
spirit that facilitated the company to get selected for Takeoff Istanbul Startup Summit 2018 and invited for a pitching session in Istanbul.

Bitline also offers various products, namely Street Light Controller and Monitoring Device, Hydroponics, Solar data logger with SD card, MPPT Solar charger upto 100A/200V, Optical Fiber Node power supply with solar charger, Green House Controller and Standalone Security System & Fault Monitoring system (UPS & Generator). “All these products are manufactured by well experienced technical staff and are taken through rigorous testing with auto transformers and power analysing meters,” remarks Rizwan Roshan, Managing Director, Bitline Technologies. Furthermore, the products of this ISO 9001-2015 certified company are tested and certified by Dr. Nisam Rehman, Chartered Engineer & Principal of Jai Bharath Science & Arts College, Kochi.

Growing Further
Incepted in 2017, Bitline clocked an impressive turnover of Rs.50 lakh in 2018. Growing further, the company that is currently producing 800 units per month, aims to ramp-up its operations and produce 1200 units every month from August. Keeping with the spirit, Bitline intends to enhance its product portfolio by manufacturing smart metering along with protection from harmful harmonics and on-grid solar inverter, with many more to come in future.