Bitsy Displays: Helping Businesses influence Customer's behaviours with Audio & Video

 Satish A. Villait,  Director- Certified Technology Specialist

Satish A. Villait

Director- Certified Technology Specialist

The rising popularity of dynamic digital content has prompted the business world to embrace interactive and large scale digital signage. In this digitized world, digital signage functions in different settings museums, public spaces, sporting arenas, churches, retail stores, academic buildings, restaurants and corporate spaces to offer messaging, wayfinding, outdoor advertising and marketing.

Founded in 1994, BITSY is poised as an AudioVideo innovator & technical interiors specialist. It is run by the directorial team led by Satish A Villait (BE IT and Certified Technology specialist, CTS) with 25 years of experience. Ardently supported by wife, Ayesha S Villait, he has been providing top-notch services to the city's leading digital businesses.

"With our team of Certified Technologist Specialists Audio-Video technologists, we curate effective high-end AV solutions to deliver digital experiences” says Satish. Bitsy Displays penetrated the retail interiors market using audio-visual tools to develop engaging customer environments and drive purchase decisions. The company delivers high-end audio-visual display solutions giving mesmerizing appeal to Customer Experience Zones, Command Operations Centres, Lobbies, Boardrooms, Tech Labs, and Smart Building Environments.

Designed maintaining Highest Standards
The world has become ultra-modern and people are increasingly engaging with brands that are innovative in their communication. Embracing the power of digitization and interacting with the customers in an enhanced way has been the USP of Bitsy Displays.

With Bitsy Show Box, businesses can showcase their product behind transparent glass. It features powerful backlit LED, Bitsy show box, is available in different sizes and touch interactive option is also available. "You can surely grab the attention of your potential customers with our Bitsy Showbox solution," adds Satish. Bitsy Displays have been supplying cutting edge digital signage systems combined with the state of the art Menu Boards, Outdoor LED Displays, LED Video Walls, Digital Way Finders and Touch Screen Interactive Kiosk to varied customers in Mumbai and several others all throughout India.

Industry leaders such as Nykaa, IDFC, Godrej & more have leveraged the company's top-notch solutions

Further, include Bitsy signage solution, Bitsy Trail room, Specialty Kiosks that includes Informative kiosk, Interactive kiosk, Selfhelp kiosk, Tablet kiosk, Way finder, and Desktop kiosk. The company also offers Video Processors for SOC, NOC, Studios, Projection mapping, pitch LED Walls, and more. Apart from these, the brand caters to Dynamic menu display, Transparent display, Public information display, Hotel display, Symmetric & Asymmetric LCD/Video wall, LED standee, Taxi Top, FlexiLED, Dance floor LED, LED curtains, Projectors, and others. It also offers AudioVideo solutions for closed rooms, Interactive displays for education, huddle rooms, and unified VC collaboration room. Bitsy Displays is also regarded as the distributor of leading Active LED brand of Unilumin.

Industry leaders such as TATA Group, Godrej, JW Marriott, BARC, Mumbai Metro, Nykaa, IDFC First Bank, STAR, McDonalds, Hiranandani, PVR Cinema, Plam, NSE IT, Reliance have leveraged the company's topnotch solutions. As a technology driven player, Bitsy Displays likes to be a pioneer in exploring the latest technologies such as Beacon, Gesture controls, Augmented reality, AI, IOT, Digital Interiors, Holographic, dynamic laser projections, video processing systems, and others.

The company hopes to continually enhance life with its offerings and deliver pleasant experience. "With us, you have the power to get your message across in a vivid, entertaining and captivating manner", concludes Satish.