Separator World-class Display Solutions Enhanced with High-end Technology

Ayesha Villait & Satish Villait,DirectorsFrom shopping malls to theatres and airports, digital signage has become a sensational way to communicate and tell brand stories. These elegant, colourful, and majestic video displays are more than traditional message boards or marketing tactics. These visuals have the potential to seize human attention and convey powerful ideas. However, brands need a consistent, reliable, and one-stop delivery for the extravagant journey of digital transformation. One such fine example for a brand that embraces complementary technologies to invoke a reaction and provide brand image is

Founded in 1994, The company is poised as a digital display innovator and technical interiors specialist that provides solutions for designers to design the spaces, CIO teams to specify technology, Civil teams to install the solution, and Marketing teams to program the media experiences through enchanting visuals with digital display.

Eye-catching Offerings penetrated the retail interiors market using audio-visual tools to develop engaging customer environments and drive purchase decisions. The company delivers high-end audio-visual display solutions giving mesmerizing appeal to Customer Experience Zones, Command Operations Centres, Lobbies, Boardrooms, Tech Labs, and Smart Building Environments.

"Our array of flagship offerings include Whippy Smart digital signage solution - The one-time investment and life-time of service; we call it a silent obedient salesman. We are the proud manufacturers of Specialty Kiosks that includes Informative kiosk, Interactive
kiosk, Self-help kiosk, Tablet kiosk, Way finder, and Desktop kiosk. We also offer Video Processors for SOC, NOC, Studios, Projection mapping, pitch LED Walls, and more," says Satish Villait, Director.

Apart from these, the brand caters to Dynamic menu display, Transparent display, Public information display, Hotel display, Symmetric & Asymmetric LCD/Pitch LED, LED standee, Taxi Top, Flex-iLED, Dance floor LED, LED curtains, Projectors, and others. It also offers AU-DIO solutions for closed rooms, Interactive displays for education, huddle rooms, and unified VC collaboration room.

The Milestones
The company prides itself on having deployed custom-made digital signage solutions on raspberry PI for 140 branches for an international bank. In the course of its journey, it designed a mission-critical 24X7 Security Operations Centre with 18 video walls panels with multiple inputs. It also helped a major Railway station with an entire IT server infrastructure containing a 44-panel video wall for CCTV surveillance command center, and many more.

Dhaval Shah, AV therapist

Integrity, Honesty, and Loyalty are a few values that are the DNA of the organization. The team strongly believes in the core value to "Enhance people's lives with the offerings and deliver a pleasant experience." It takes the customer feedback seriously and has an escalation matrix in place for the betterment of services. "We don't only sell the Digital display solutions but help costumer take informed buying decisions by doing need analysis for them and giving an exact solution that meets their requirement. Hence we celebrate more than 1000 loyal customers," informs Ayesha Villait, Director.

An Edge in the Market
As a technology-driven digital signage service provider, likes to be a pioneer in exploring the latest technologies such as Beacon, Gesture controls, Augmented reality, AI, IOT, Digital Interiors, Holographic, dynamic laser projections, video processing systems, and others. "We align the very latest cutting edge tools and the highest quality architectural finish to seamlessly integrate the very best in technology, communications, and automation. Our approach ensures us to deliver unique digital experiences," concludes Satish Villait, Director.