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Leelaram JP,Managing Director
Leelaram JP
Managing Director

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort”. These golden words of Paul J. Meyer strike an astonishing similitude to the objectives of Brand Blitz Event Management Pvt. Ltd., a 2009 established event management company that embarks on the lines of compelling expertise, innovation and creativity to conceptualize and organize events for B2B & B2C brands. With a streamlined proficiency of formal organizational and technological skills, this Chennai-based company commands mastery over managing expo & exhibitions, branding and brand marketing. Right from amassing competence in designing integrated marketing brand solutions, to planning logistics and co-ordinating pre-planned technical aspects, the company aces delivering spectacular events.

Staggering Logic & Intuitive Creativity
Unfolding new standards for its competitors, Brand Blitz provides a unique ideology for hosting events, with objectives that stand-out and captivate its audiences fostering an amalgamation of marketing logic and intuitive creative thinking. Adeptly devising staggering novel ideas that not just embellish
stages, but communicates the essence of the occasion, the company never fails to create lasting impacts enabling it to gain loyal customers and a growing clientele base. Brand Blitz upholds a strong value-system, as Leelaram JP, Managing Director, Brand Blitz, stated, “the design process is a collaboration that fuses our creative strengths with in-depth understanding of our clients’ requirements,” thus portraying a fervent keenness to understand perfectly the clients demands in order to execute exemplary services.

"Blitz provides a unique ideology for hosting events, with objectives that stand-out and captivate its audiences fostering an amalgamation of marketing logic and intuitive creative thinking"

Although factually organizing corporate events seems more of an arduous task, Brand Blitz has got it all covered. Unlike most of its peers, Brand Blitz dedicates sole efforts to handling corporate events with excelling quality standards to build its client-population brands. The usage of ERP and CRM tools enhances communication at the levels of the customers, as well as the team proffering smooth services. Affirming an eminent reputation in the field, the company’s success-story follows its ability to handle unforeseen events as a result of its detailed inventory and flawless coordination. The expertise that accompanies the company’s years of experience has earned it word-of-mouth fame and virtuous partnerships across India, with core branches set in Bangalore, Pune and Coimbatore. Furthermore, the ISO 9001-2008 quality certified company exudes performance with rigorous passion facilitated by its expert workforce and cutting-edge technology.
Additionally, and most importantly, the nonpareil services of the company won’t be so without the plausible efforts of the team. The robust, strategic and erudite team of 25 undergo vigorous on-the-job training, employee recognition programs and constant updates on their technological software. The unique buoyant work-culture also adds to the high-spirited nature of the group by incorporating sporty activities to boost employee satisfaction and better performance results.

Enthralling Esteemed Clientele with Excellent Services
The services of Brand Blitzhave assembled renowned patrons like Radio City, Times Now, Sun Network, Equitas Small Finance Bank, Times of India, Chevrolet and many more. With a 30 percent increase in the revenue when compared to the last financial year, Brand Blitzis en route to reaching greater heights while magnifying customer brands and spreading across diverse customer bases.

Key Management:
Leelaram JP, Managing Director
Holding a Masters Degree in Marketing Management from Loyola College, Leelaram’s experience is over two decades in the event management industry and has played a significant role in growing Brand Blitz to the position it is in now.

Offices: Chennai (Headquarter), Bangalore, and Coimbatore

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