BreatheFresh Solutions: An All - Natural Indoor Air Pollution Control Expert

Bhawani Bhateja (L) & Gaurav Arora (R),     Co-Founders
Bhawani Bhateja (L) & Gaurav Arora (R)

Ignorance is not always bliss, but can some times costs life. Indoor air pollution, which is sometimes seen 10 times worse than outdoor air pollution, is one such arena that remains under the rug. Indoor air pollution, which penetrates deep into the lungs and cardio-vascular systems causing stroke, heart diseases, lung cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and respiratory infections such as pneumonia, is the second largest killer with 1.3 million deaths in India each year.

Standing strongly for family health in the modern living spaces, New Delhi-based BreatheFresh Solutions believes that fresh air is a right of every human. “Our company’s mission is to raise and spread awareness about indoor air pollution as an everyday health hazard and provide solutions for the problem that is not often seen but manifests in many forms of respiratory disorders,” asserts Gaurav Arora, Co-Founder, Breathe-Fresh. For instance, during smog, people stay indoor with their windows shut. But little do they know that the VOCs effusing from their wall paints or formaldehyde from the furniture or smoke from the kitchen, and pesticides & other

chemicals from the air sprays/perfumes are far more health deteriorating.

Creating Health through Holistic Solutions
“Air purifier alone cannot solve the problem, and a holistic approach is required to address the issue. The solution must reach the source and require portability, ease and convenience. Hence, we focus on creating natural, green products without solely relying on air purifiers,” asserts Bhawani Bhateja, Co-Founder, BreatheFresh. Hence, the company introduced lab certified all-natural solutions which are organic, handmade and affordable for daily use and effectively clean indoor air. Its home-grown, hand-crafted premium quality air bags called Vayu Natural Air Purifying Bags (RoHS compliant air purifying bags) perfectly adapt to the Indian environment, and is the only bag with three-layer proprietary technology to naturally clean the air of contaminants – from absorbing bacteria, removing particles like ammonia, toluene, benzene from paints, household cleaners and others, to removing heavy and large-sized particles like smoke, SOX and NOX.

"BreatheFresh introduced lab certified all-natural solutions which are organic, handmade and affordable for daily use and effectively cleans indoor air"

Its antibacterial essential oil blend, Pureefy, kills harmful airborne bacteria known to cause sinus, cough & cold, allergies and other common flu ailments. The oil blend when diffused in the air, naturally kills bacteria, viruses and small air borne particles. “We are the only company who looks at the
problems from a larger perspective. Our solutions are robust and yet affordable, engineered from nature’s hidden secrets. We are committed to going with natural resources and will not include any artificial or chemicals in our product portfolio,” commits the duo. This ISO 9001:2015 certified company also has quality checks in place. Further, the end product is tested at an independent laboratory to ensure quality.

Investing heavily in R&D to find easy and affordable solutions to measure, reduce and contain the levels & composition of indoor pollutants, the company is leveraging technology to create solutions to precisely measure pollution and share information. “Our new filtration mediums are in quality testing to more effectively capture the complex micro particles that most commonly constitute the pollution variables at home”. Easily available on e-Commerce portals like Amazon and Flipkart and its own portal apart from few retail stores in Delhi NCR, BreatheFresh also offers return and refund policy within 15 days of purchase.

BreatheFresh has already partnered with few leading pharmaceutical companies in the country as their Institutional Sales Partner and joined hands with the world’s largest media giant for their gifting needs. This 2017-founded bootstrapped company is growing steadily with reliable, promising and real value growth, and has plans to grow innovatively in the field of indoor pollution with new filtration medias and leveraging technology to grow and create a strong presence in the field.