Breathify: A Low-Cost, Powerful & Eco-Friendly Solution for Cleaner Air

Krrish Chawla,   Founder & Innovator
Krrish Chawla, Founder & Innovator

The air quality in India is steadily deterio-rating, making air purifiers a necessity. An array of air purifiers are available in the market today, but their prices ranging from Rs.12,000-50,000 makes them too expensive for an average Indian household. To fill this gap of afford-ability without compromising on the quality, Breathify – a startup for manu -facturing & selling affordable, yet highly efficient air purifiers was incepted by Krrish Chawla (Founder & Innovator) in 2018 at the young age of 17 years.

A Revolutionizing Innovation
Struggling with respiratory problems throughout his childhood, Krrish has first-hand witnessed the obstacles caused by air pollution. “These experiences imbued me with the drive to improve the lives of others who were suffering as I did, and Breathify was born,” says Krrish. He came-up with the idea after realizing that a simple machine, having basically just a filter and a fan, was being sold in the market at such exorbitant prices. With a strong determination and belief that breathing pure air is not a luxury, but rather a necessity
that should be accessible to all, he invented the world’s first Low-Cost, Eco-Friendly Air Purifier (after months of research, 309 prototypes and considerable hours of constant testing).

"With a focus on delivering maximum efficiency at lowest prices, Breathify is constantly experimenting with new materials and designs to churn out the best"

Breathify Air Purifiers are 98 percent plastic/polymer free, consume just 40W power and incorporate the world-over accepted HEPA filter technology. It uses H13 grade HEPA filter to remove 99.97 percent of PM10 and PM2.5 particles, as small as 0.3 microns. Breathify’s exceptional patented design, combined with its Advanced Reverse Air Technology, eliminates the contamination of output air – a problem plaguing most other air purifiers; enabling it to deliver clean and pure air at all times. The machines have a unique Air Intake System which maximises air circulation by drawing-in polluted air from a wide 270-degree angle.

Truly Affordable
Following the ‘Make in India’ initiative and using localized materials, Breathify products have not only broken the price barrier by a huge margin, but doing so has also made the company immune to any change in import regulationsand foreign exchange fluctuations. With a focus on delivering maximum efficiency at lowest prices, Breathify is constantly experimenting with new materials and designs to churn-out the best.
Currently,Breathify offers four affordable models ranging from Rs.1,999-8,499. Its flagship model Breathify Air covers an area of 320 sq.ft., while the Air Plus model is optimum for larger indoor spaces upto 700 sq.ft. It also offers a smart model Breathify AirX, which is Wi-Fi enabled and compatible with most home automation systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Breathify Lite is the entry level purifier, suitable for smaller areas. All machines are CE compliant and come with one year warranty and AMC support.

Giving Back to Nature & Society
Catering to the lesser privileged community takes top post in Breathify’s ideology. The company, through its founder Krrish, has donated over 125 air purifiers to under-privileged families, hospitals, NGOs and more. To amplify its social impact, Breathify plants one tree for every device sold and has planted over 500 saplings till date. With such honourable activities under his belt, Krrish has been internationally recognised by the much coveted Prudential Spirit of Community Awards, along with the PHD Chamber of Commerce Astitva Award in India, amongst many more.

A startup that initiated with crowdfunding of just Rs.3.80 lakh, Breathify is now poised to clock a revenue growth of more than 100 percent annually and aspires to make its mark Pan India. The company is currently working to incorporate more AI and drone technology to aid in effectively minimizing both the indoor and outdoor pollutions.