Burosys Furniture: Offering Elegant & High-Quality Office Furniture at Reasonable Price

 Hersh Pitroda & Directors,Bianca Pitroda, Partner
Hersh Pitroda, Director
Bianca Pitroda, Partner

It is customary for most Indian companies to 'get inspired' by overseas products. Particularly,most furniture manufacturing organizations lean on the design of foreign industries before doing any research and indigenous development. This explains why none of the Indian furniture is seen sold in international market for their design & innovation, and most Indian corporates prefer purchasing from Malaysia, China & Indonesia. Mumbai-based Burosys Furniture, a leading design house and manufacturer founded in 1940, emerges disparate of this and provides customized office solutions under its proprietary product line.

Innovative & Unique Products
Burosys products have unique characters of their own to an extent where some of them are its monopoly and possess several advantages over parallel products. Its range of desks and seating systems are made from robust materials that are recyclable & high in quality. All of the products are made with modular features
keeping a future scope to reconfigure the composition. With a wide and varied product range catering to all budgets, it provides a high quality and nationally supported level of service. “All stages from briefing, design and space planning, to manufacture, fit-out and after-sales support are carefully handled to meet our clients’ needs and expectations,” remarks Vinod Pitroda, Director, Burosys Furniture.

"Burosys products have unique characters of their own to an extent where some of them are its monopoly and possess several advantages over parallel products"

Being a proud Make in India brand, the company works with clients to provide a workplace that inspires and helps driving productivity. It's human-centric approach of designing products and advising clients, ensures that it understands the behavioral and social dynamics of offices and organizational structures, be it for a family business, large corporate conglomerate, two person office, co-working space, government institute, factory or home office. It’s client base might seem quite wide, but Burosys takes care of every customer by funneling down to their smallest needs, listening and growing with them. In fact, every single client is personally known to either of the directors of the company. Always keeping up with the latest trends in offices, Burosys even advises its customers on how to bring out the best out of the specific budget,
leading to constant client retention rate.

Upholding its core values, a good reputation index, customer satisfaction and innovation, it strives harder each day to create phenomenal products for customers. It believes in developing institution-specific experiences that characterizes an organization’s ability to perform. The quality of products, which are designed leveraging immense talent, are maintained by certified processes and a well strategized repetitive & mechanized system.

It’s a common belief that the talent of forefather runs in system of descendants; blessed in this context, this family business is successfully performing since 1940. Burosys is spearheaded by Vinod, an industry veteran and second generation in succession, followed by Hersh Pitroda, who now looks after Operations and Business Development and his partner Bianca Pitroda, a sales maverick, who is in the process of creating her line of Home Furniture for the domestic market and 100 employees across four locations in Mumbai and Gujarat.

The company believes that with accent on Make in India,the products of our country will be appreciated. Burosys aims to stay agile and ahead of the times in trend & design by developing IoT into its furniture line and creating distribution network PAN India and soon overseas.