Machint Solutions: A Hyper Automation Company Leading the Indian BPM

 Rajesh Sanakkayala,   Founder & CEO

Rajesh Sanakkayala

Founder & CEO

In an era characterized by intense competition across industries, businesses are under increasing pressure to leverage advanced technologies to gain a competitive advantage. This imperative is particularly pronounced in India, where companies must strike a delicate balance between offering cost-effective solutions and maintaining uncompromising quality standards. Automation technologies have emerged as a panacea, offering organizations the means to enhance operational efficiency, reduce manual intervention, expedite product launches, and tailor their offerings to individual client preferences. This growing reliance on automation is reflected in a recent study by Mordor Intelligence, which predicts that the Indian industrial automation market, valued at $13.23 billion in 2023, is poised to reach $25.76 billion by 2028, with a robust CAGR of 14.26 percent during the forecast period.

Due to such fine factors, there has been a sharp increase in the number of companies foraying into automation space in recent times. Standing tall among them is Hyderabad based Machint Solutions. Founded in 2018 by Rajesh Sanakkayala(Founder & CEO) and Kalyan S (Co-Founder & CBO), Machint Solutions has earned a distinguished reputation as a premier automation solutions provider, distinguished by its deep domain expertise, an extensive array of products and services, and unwavering commitment to industry best practices.

Diverse Service Offerings
Machint Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of technology-backed services designed to optimize business operations. Key service areas encompass BPM, RPA, Digital Engineering, Mobile & Customer Experience, Quality Assurance and Data Science, among others. BPM stands as a cornerstone of Machint’s expertise, with services encompassing Business Consulting, Application Development, Testing Validation, and Technology Consulting, all meticulously tailored to meet each client’s specific business requirements. These services offer an array of benefits, including heightened process efficiency, reduced time-to-market, improved compliance, and increased profitability, accompanied by elevated customer satisfaction levels.

Rajesh articulates, “Machint is a hyper-automation company empowering your business growth by unleashing the true power of digitization. We are passionate about helping organizations reimagine their business and thrive with our groundbreaking intelligent automation technology. We deliver cutting-edge automation solutions and proficient consultant services for organizations to begin their digital transformation journey”.

Cutting-edge Tech Products
As an end-to-end software development and consulting company, Machint offers a range of products and software applications, with Banqify (digital/neo banking) and MDoctor (online medical consultation) occupying
pride of place as its core flagship offerings. Banqify leverages AI technology in the backend to assess the creditworthiness of individuals seeking loans, automating loan approval processes and enabling financial institutions to customize parameters for loan approval. The application’s hallmark feature is its ease of integration with various banking functions, eliminating the need for institutions to source independent applications from multiple vendors.

We deliver cutting edge automation solutions & proficient consultant services for organizations to begin their digital transformation journey

Suresh Babu, COO, Machint Solutions, explains, “Easy integration of the application is the major USP of our Banqify application. When a person wants to open a bank, he needs to have the necessary modules in place for various functions such as core banking, credit card management, wealth management, deposits, lending systems, and more. Since each of these are independent applications, anyone who wants to offer all these services will have to buy them from different vendors, which makes it a challenging task to integrate all of the touchpoints together. Our Banqify application is a lifesaver in this regard, as it is already integrated with all these functions”.

Suresh Babu, COO

MDoctor, on the other hand, empowers patients to connect with their preferred doctors and receive timely medical consultations. This solution seamlessly integrates with diagnostic equipment, allowing patients to visit diagnostic centers, consolidate their reports within the application, and facilitate remote consultations with healthcare providers via built-in video conferencing capabilities.

Technology at Its Core
Machint Solutions places a premium on customer satisfaction and consistently deploys cutting-edge technologies to deliver the best possible outcomes for its clients, supporting their profit maximization and goal attainment. The company has forged strategic partnerships with renowned technology companies, including Appian, Pega, QAD, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, UiPath, and Axon Ivy. Notably, Machint distinguishes itself as the sole OEM partner for Appian, not merely reselling licenses but offering them in conjunction with its products a significant differentiator in the market. “Our core strength is that we are the only OEM partner for Appian. Unlike other Appian partners who only re-sell Appian licenses, we also sell Appian licenses as well along with our products. This is one of the key differentiators for us in the market”, adds Kalyan.

Elite Clientele & Future Prospects
Machint Solutions boasts an impressive roster of clients, including Citi Bank, Bank of Vietnam, Rainbow Financials, Al Khairi Care, and EXL, among others. The company has also secured its position as a member of the IT Serve Alliance in the US and recently clinched the tender for the NABARD project, tasked with digitizing Primary Agricultural Credit Societies (PACS) across India. With a visionary leadership team and a comprehensive suite of products and services, the company is poised to continue its remarkable growth trajectory, contributing significantly to the digital transformation of businesses in India and beyond. Looking ahead, Machint aspires to attain a billion-dollar valuation by expanding its footprint to Pune and Bangalore, while also increasing its workforce to 1000 employees within the next year. Additionally, as part of its commitment to the NABARD project, the company is set to implement approximately 36,000 PACS over the next 3-4 years, further solidifying its position as a trailblazer in India’s hyper-automation landscape.

Year of Inception: 2018
Office Locations:India(Hyderabad-HQ, Jaipur & Chennai) US, UK,Singapore and Australia
Areas of Specialization:
BPM, RPA, Digital Engineering,Mobile & CX, QA, and DataScience
Product Portfolio:Banqify,VGro, MITA, MInsurance,MRemit and MDoctor