Capstone: Handholding Clients as a Competent Financial Partner

Chirag Mistry,  FounderThe financial sector, particularly the banking and NBFC lending space, has been growing at a fast pace in recent years. However, from the standpoint of an MSME borrower, selecting the correct Lending and Advising partners has become much more difficult because of the varied options and the lack of a customer centric approach in the lending space. Furthermore, most SMEs in India cannot afford to engage a fulltime CFO with an 8-figure salary, yet they require the same degree of supervision if they are to scale up quickly. That is precisely where Capstone comes in. Capstone seeks to deliver best-in-class advice to its customers at a fraction of the cost by acting as an outsourced full-service guide to the company, providing round-the-clock services like Financial Advisory, Fund Raising, Project Planning, and Investment Banking.

“At Capstone, we strive to be the client's single-window outsourced advisor, providing not only the proper guidance but also connecting our customers to the right lenders, ensuring long-term mutual growth connections. We adhere to our ideals and ensure that our clients receive honest counsel and the best terms possible, not just in the short term but also in the long term”, says Chirag Mistry, Founder, Capstone.

“To achieve standardization, we convert all of our situations into case studies. We believe that by using this strategy, we will be able to better serve our clients. We also use technology based credit assessment, which allows us to provide greater assurance about
the outcome of our proposals even before they are presented to lenders”, he adds.

Capstone's mission statement is to allow entrepreneurs to focus on expanding their firms while it manages their financial affairs. The company takes over the entire banking and financing hassle from the company and makes it a seamless process for the customer from handling their working capital renewals to realigning their debt arrangements to planning their expansions, assisting them in undertaking projects and projecting and analyzing cash flows. Furthermore, there are several add-on services that Capstone provides to allow the business owner to be in charge and aware of their financial position at any point in time to help them make sound decisions such as liaising with his existing lenders, identifying which companies to provide credit to, and using tech-based cash flow analysis systems. With proper planning, awareness, and transparency, Capstone ensures that the fundraising process becomes less problematic than SMEs have previously encountered.

Capstone completely handholds its customers right from understanding the unique needs of each MSME to structuring the apt financial product to suit that need, to lender short listing, to product customization, & also providing post-funding assistance

“We think that we are only as good as our team. We not only ensure that our personnel and partners are highly skilled and experienced, but we also ensure that they receive ongoing training on changing market dynamics. We have internal case study sessions, success story sharing, client-partner meetings, and other initiatives to ensure that the team is efficient enough to give solutions to customers across all verticals and sectors. Our primary goal is to establish an experienced, knowledgeable, and committed staff”, highlights Chirag.

Capstone works tirelessly to push SME clients to the next level. Going forward, the company plans to expand its digital platforms, improve the credit appraisal process, broaden its purview across numerous industries, and expand into Tier 2 cities in India, where such counseling and support is rarely provided to SMEs.

“We pride ourselves in having over 90 percent of repeat client mandates and being affiliated with over 650+ SMEs, many of which have expanded more than tenfold during our association with them. Our performance is measured by a promoter's trust in us to handle his financial decisions, which we do with zeal and attention”, concludes Chirag.