Care Pharmacy: Revolutionizing the Pharma Franchise Market with Great Operational Expertise

Brijesh Patel,FounderRenowned as the sunrise industry, the Indian pharmaceuticals industry is predicted to grow to a value of $55 billion by 2020 in tune with the steady rise in affordability and market access. While establishing a pharmacy business involves multiple permissions, registrations and papers, setting-up a franchise store is an extremely easy task today. All thanks to the influx in pharma retail stores in India, the pharma franchise dreams of many have come to fruition. Soaring high amidst this influx is Visnagar-based Care Pharmacy, India’s largest and ultrafast-growing retail pharmacy brand incorporated with a bigger motive of contributing to the society in 2017.

While handling almost seven pharmacy stores initially and overcoming various hurdles, the company acquired phenomenal operational expertise and thus plunged into the world of franchise. Today, it takes utmost pride in operating 16+ franchises in Gujarat through the power of a well-experienced management.

Unlike vanilla companies in the pharma franchise market, Care Pharmacy holds strong associations with all major pharma companies Through these tie-ups, the company has managed to procure a wide range of medicines and other pharmacy related products, and thus offers 5-70 percent discount across all these medicines to its end customers.
Some of these products include Prescribed/ Generics (2000+ drugs), Healthcare Products, Vitamins/Supplements, Health Foods, Baby Care Products, Surgical Items, FMCG Products, OTC Products, Specialty/Imported Medicines, and others.

Incredible Returns with Low Investment
Care Pharmacy is a true boon for people yearning to set-up a pharmacy franchise business in India. Brijesh Patel, Founder, Care Pharmacy, adds, “Breathing the tagline – ‘Caring health & wealth’, we endeavour to offer value added experiences to our franchisees through best-in-class and top-notch services”. These services offered to both unit & master franchisees range from outlet setup, training & operational services, facilitation & inventory management, licensing & recruitment services marketing, advertising & promotional services to branding & designing services.

Breathing the tagline – ‘Caring health & wealth’, we endeavour to offer value-added experiences to our franchisees through best-in-class and top-notch services

Franchisees with unit franchises require a total investment of Rs.11 lakh and franchise fee of Rs.3 lakh, while the gross profit will be around 20-30 percent. On the other hand, master franchises require a total investment of Rs.10-20 lakh and franchise fee of Rs.10-20 lakh, while the benefits are one free unit franchise, 50 percent share from unit franchise fees and two percent royalty from unit franchise.

For both types of franchises, deploying professionals with D.Pharm, B.Pharm or M.Pharm graduation is absolutely mandatory. In a nutshell, the franchises of Care Pharmacy are low investment opportunities with incredible returns for anyone with the right passion and knowledge to start their own franchise unit.

The other benefit that franchisees of Care Pharmacy enjoy is zero logistics cost, wherein the company provides efficient supply chain management and ensures smooth delivery of requisite products in 48-72 hours. End customers, on the other hand, can relish home delivery services (above Rs.300 – free home delivery, below Rs.300 – Rs.30 Charge for delivery) of required products from these franchise units.

Under the leadership of Brijesh Patel, acclaimed as the Architect of Modern Pharmacy in India, Care Pharmacy has grown by more than 30 percent this year when compared to last year. Its main future plan is to increase the number of franchise units to 300 in the next couple of years.