CIZMAK Technologies: An Ideal Product Design & Development Service Provider

Nutan Rai,Director

Nutan Rai


In today's business world, OEMs are looking for opportunities to focus on their core competencies by outsourcing arrangements with engineering service providers. The changing demands technological challenges, and scarcity of engineering talents make them look for service providers who can help them with tasks like designing, prototyping, and even with idea generation. Thus, it is critical to find the right engineering service provider to generate more value. Helping various businesses with product design and development services is Cizmak Technologies, a mechanical engineering company from Pune.

Established in 2016, Cizmak Technologies comes with unique capabilities in product design, virtual validation, benchmarking, and prototyping. Interestingly, they have also recently ventured into electrical, electronics, instrumentation, and automation making the company a whole package for their clients in terms of services. In other words, Cizmak not only delivers product engineering but also product designing, validation of that product, manufacturing support and also prototyping, and other activities through their dedicated in-house manufacturing facility.
The Differentiator
There are mainly two factors that make Cizmak unique and help them stand out from the other service providers. Firstly, the company has some of the best industry experts directly or indirectly on board with them making them one of the strongest players in the market. Secondly, Cizmak presents itself as not just a product design support company but as an establishment that has a full-fledged capability and capacity to support its clients from end-to-end; from concept designing to final validation prototyping. Therefore, complete turnkey projects from concept engineering to final installation or final bulk manufacturing of the product are being carried out efficiently.

The inception story of Cizmak Technologies tells a pretty humble beginning. What started off with only four engineers in 2016 has now matured to become a success with over 200 employees. Nutan Rai, the director of Cizmak Technologies managed to get their first client through an acquaintance referral. Surprisingly, the company was able to gain more clients from different firms through the same first client and was able to position itself as a well-known simulation support company in the field. Gradually, in 2017, under Rai's leadership, the company expanded to design and detailing aspects of manufacturing. Even though the pandemic period threw some challenging hurdles its way, Cizmak Technologies sailed through them triumphantly and continues to be a key player despite the competition.

Cizmak not only delivers product engineering but also product designing, validation of that product, manufacturing support and also prototyping and other activities through their dedicated in-house manufacturing facility

According to Rai, Cizmak Technologies has bigger plans for the coming years. "We expect the company to grow in terms of resources and visions to become an enterprise with over 1000 employees in the next five years", says Nutan. Not only that, their roadmap includes plans to expand to various sectors other than the process industry or off-highway segments. With their services like mechanical engineering coupled with electrical instrumentation engineering, Rai and her team looks forward to exploring each and every sector in the following years.