Clay Telecom: Helping You Go Global &Stay Local During your Foreign Trip

Gaurav Dhawan,Executive Director

Gaurav Dhawan

Executive Director

As business travel from India is on a steep rise, innovative telecommunication offerings have become the need of the hour to cut down roaming costs. Whole heartedly striving to achieve customer expectations, Clay Telecom brings such innovation while customizing a telecom solution that enables business travellers to stay connected with their work as well as family at an economical price, during their international travel. Having established strategic partnership with over 40 networks worldwide, the New Delhi headquartered company with retail operations in five continents offers its customizable voice and data solutions across 200 locations worldwide. Thus it endows international travellers with convenience, strong connectivity and the ability to control their expenses. In fact, Clay was the first company to introduce Global Email Service for international travellers in 2009, to provide unlimited access to emails and messaging for Blackberry users, without spending money on international roaming.

Thanks to its investment in infrastructure & comprehensive CRM software Clay provides Optimum solution with complete transparency to ensure convenience clarity and credibility.

Thanks to its investment in infrastructure and comprehensive CRM software, Clay provides optimum solutions with complete transparency to ensure convenience, clarity and credibility for the travellers. The company that has expanded in over 25 locations with over 150 distribution point of contacts across India offers lucrative plans and a dedicated customer support team.Having launched full MVNO in top travel market, Clay creates unique products for traveller market and manages the entire customer cycle from its back offices in India. This has made Clay as the first brand of choice for telecom service to world leaders & its customers like American Express, Kuoni Travels and FCM."With efficient processes and transparent business model, we are proud to retain the contracts and partnerships with our various corporate clients from more than a decade," says Gaurav Dhawan, Executive Director, Clay Telecom.

Well-appreciated by the industry leaders,the company has won many awards akin to ET Telecom
Awards and M2M Corporate Star Awards among others. Acting more like a telecom expense management consultant,the company has customized a global data solution that enables customers to use unlimited data across 140 countries worldwide. Likewise, Clay has a Mi-Fi service, in which up to five users can use the internet through Mi-Fi device simultaneously. Aside from providing automated invoices, Clay also educates customers to use the correct dialling instructions and offers permanent numbers for frequent flyers so they can retain the same number every time they travel.

Imagine, Believe & Achieve

Clay provides the right platform to its employees to Imagine their goals, persuade them regularly to Believe in themselves, and provide trainings to help them Achieve their goals. Apart from training sessions, the company also educates them about product updates, key product highlights and process upgrades that help them to streamline their work and perform better. Besides building relationship amongst teams(that lasts even after they move on from the company)with various 'Meet & Greet' events, the healthy environment of Clay also permits employees to fulfill their personal commitments without hampering the work.