Computer Factory India: The Ultimate Turnkey Solution Provider for All Your Voice & Data Cabling Requirements

G. Rajkumar,GM - Networking

G. Rajkumar

GM - Networking

When Xiaomi wanted to move to a new facility of 1,00,000 square feet at Embassy Tech Village, Bangalore, they selected Computer Factory India Private Limited (CFIPL) for their structured cabling needs. CFIPL is a specialized IT infrastructure company and one of the oldest players in the structured cabling realm active since 1995. CFIPL designed and implemented perfect solution for all the requirements of Xiaomi by installing 3400 copper drops and fibre connections through AMP Cabling System across its new office.

This age-old company comprehends the true essence of an end-to-end solution in contrast to its competitors and handholds the clients which includes the majors like HP, Nxtgen, Mavenir, Otis, Kodiak, and Aspect, among others. Services provided include design, integration and maintenance of their projects. Clients are also assigned with an on-site project
manager who executes and monitors each process in their project with utmost diligence. “We strive to provide clients with only ISO 9001:2015 compliant processes right from the first day of service and also the best-in-class documentation that enables identification and trace ability of outputs at any point of time,” asserts Collur Dhananjay, Managing Director, CFIPL.

"Leveraging its long-standing expertise, CFIPL conducts study for comprehensive present and future structured cabling needs for all of its clients’ projects"

Addressing All Requirements
Leveraging its long-standing expertise, CFIPL conducts study for comprehensive present and future structured cabling needs for all of its clients’ projects. The company also undertakes turnkey solutions for voice and data cabling as per EIA TIA standards by deploying a fusion of Cat-5e, Cat-6 and Cat-6a copper and indoor/outdoor fibres and FTTH solutions. With chief focus vested on the entire gamut of low voltage passive cabling, the company today stands as a one-stop-shop for all cabling requirements of clients while dealing with active components too. Be it enterprise, campus, data centre, Fibre to the Home (FTTH), labs or any other vertical, the company has engraved its craftsmanship with exceptional outcomes.

A Well Versed Team
Majority of the clients today seek
for the right sized solutions for
their structured cabling systems that can be implemented rapidly and maintained with ease. Hence, CFIPL’s team of dedicated and certified engineers and the project manager make every effort to develop and finalize the solution that is absolutely right sized and economical. In fact, its engineers are certified from global OEMs like AMP, ADC KRONE, SYSTIMAX, BELDEN, PANDUIT and FLUKE. Besides, the crack design team endeavours to channel its combined experience of 100 years into crafting solutions that are optimal in every possible aspect.

To stay conversant with the quantum leaps in the structured cabling industry, CFIPL associates largely with Commscope, a multi-national network infrastructure provider company that is always paced at the leading edge of innovation. The team members of CFIPL undergo monthly in-house training programs along with certification programs from principals in order to assure that all services are delivered on par with the emerging innovations. In addition, the company’s quarterly appraisal system allows the top management to interact with employees for skill up-gradation while the HR management organizes periodic motivational programs. No wonder CFIPL has evolved into an acclaimed conservative company that is growing steadily, but continuously taking all its employees and customers together.