Convexicon: Precisely Customized Tracking Solutions for Optimal Fleet Management & Solid Waste Collection.

Deepa Joshi & Narendra Joshi, Co-Founders & Directors,Feroz Khan, DirectorSwachh Bharat Abhiyaan is the talk in the country and Government is spending lakhs of crore’s for the same, but still there’s huge gap in ensuring the cleanliness and managing Solid Waste is a big headache for the Municipal Authorities. With Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan in the limelight, Online monitoring of solid waste from bin to bin has becomea necessity. Management of waste collection, movement of vehicles to the waste sites & proper dumping methodology, calls for a robust Solid Waste Management System. Specialized in providing customized GPS, GIS & RFID based Solutions, Convexicon Software Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. has developed a Solution for Municipal Corporations & Smart Cities in India for managing, tracking & transporting their solid waste collection - all online. “Our IoT based devices installed on dustbins and transports optimize vehicle usage & route planning, monitor the management of waste bins and keep the concerned authority informed, starting from collection to disposal of waste thereby reducing expenditure,” asserts Deepa Joshi, Co-Founder, Convexicon (est. 2009).

Armoring Pathways
Convexicon’s GPS platform provides customized solutions for secure and effective Fleet Management and Tracking
Solutions as per the client’s requirements. Working with various Industry Segments, Convexicon’s GPS application based software enables customers to track their vehicles by providing accuracy of the data and high quality hardware certified by Indian & European authorities. Convexicon’s GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions help businesses reduce non-compliance and improve productivity and efficiency of on field vehicles. Keeping a close watch on parameters like fuel, maintenance cycle, over speeding, unauthorized usages and driver’s driving behavior, it helps logistics, car rental companies and other industry segments reduce daily operational costs through Optimized Route Planning and Exhaustive MIS Reports.

Convexicon’s GPS platform provides customized solutions for secure and effective Fleet Management and Tracking Solutions as per the client’s requirements

Since few GPS Providers buy software instead of developing, they remain incapable of modifying it as the per the client’s needs. Convexicon jumps into the picture giving them access to software development & application solution tools. Citing the case with Kajaria Ceramics where in they had issues with Traditional way of working and Transparency in bidding process for hiring the transport for their finished and raw materials in their various plants, Deepa proclaims, “Our work mainly comprises to solving the client’s problems and providing solutions on what they require by and helping Transparency”.
customized application. We gave Kajaria an adaptive E-Bidding Solution customized centric to GPS Technology by providing Tracking Solution for regulating the movement of vehicles across boundaries and helping Transparency”.

Being an ISO Certified & chosen as the Best Smart City Solution provider by Elets, Convexicon also provides spat proof International Standard Devices to Oil & Gas companies for sustainable data collection. Exhibiting its Smart Solid Waste Management Solutions Internationally, the company also provides GPS based wide range of IoT Solutions like Building Management Solutions, and more.

Waste Execution
Working closely with DDSIL (Dakshin Dilli Swachh Initiative Limited) & GHMC (Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation), Convexicon empowers its clients with Smart, Technology enhancive & centralized Solid Waste Management (SWM) Solutions. It involves GIS data capturing and Installation of GPS & RFID enabled IoT devices (CCTVs, GPS devices, Bin Level Sensor, Weight Load Sensors, RFID Tags & Readers) that helps in monitoring to transfer stations, processing centers for daily garbage inward and outward and eliminate maximum possible human factor from SWM process. The citizen mapping option enables citizens to click & share geotagged pictures on its app that eventually keeps them connected to the process.

Convexicon shifting gears in IoT with such innovative products have led to a whopping 200 percent yearly revenue growth of the organization. Today, Convexicon is geared upto expand its innovative technology to Africa, UAE & all Municipal Corporations in India, and plans to Launch Street Light Controlling Solutions to create Smarter Cities.